Monday, June 30, 2008


I didn't intentionally misquote my son in this mornings post about his social snafu.

Today, however, I was so proudly reminded of what he actually said to last night's guest, because HE SAID IT AGAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE! (A stranger, thank goodness, as we walked into a store).

"Mommy, she's not having a baby. She has an extra tummy."

To my son, the world is made up of camel's.

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TDC said...

Hey Joline Pinto -

I doubt you remember me, but my name is Troy Cahill and a lifetime ago (perhaps a couple) we attended Edsall Park together.

I was online looking for old pictures of Edsall Park Elementary, so I did what any smart-thinking alumuns would do and googled "Edsall Park." Included among the results was your blog post from May 28, 2008.

Reading your post about Annie brought back a ton of great memories. Wasn't there a production of the Wiz the following year?

I imagine this is a somewhat random reunion and this is not an actual "comment", so I will keep it short.

I hope you are happy and well. Your blog is great. Tell your folks the Cahills say hello.

Warmest regards,
Troy Cahill