Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girl's Night Out

The Chicago Sky is totally cool.

Harper is totally cool.

Jeanne Martin is totally cool.

Last night was totally cool.

I sound like valley girl approaching her 40's.

Like totally.

Last night was Play it Pink night at the Chicago Sky game. For those of you who have no idea what the Chicago Sky is, (and apparently there are many who haven't a clue that Chicago has a professional WNBA team, as evidenced by many empty seats) you may be interested to know that the they are an incredible WNBA team in OUR city. What fun! The players are amazing. The atmosphere perfect for families. The price just right. How encouraging for little girls (and their mom's) to see female athletes on the court. And then, just when I thought they were cool, we got to see the Chicago Sky wheelchair team play also. I was in awe of the strength that all of these women portrayed on the court.

The Sky partnered with us to raise money for the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation, thus Play it "Pink". There were pockets of us wearing our Play it Pink tee's spread throughout the pavilion. Harper, who doesn't quite have a love of the color pink, did get into the spirit by wearing a pink tee. She sported a Hannah Montana pink t-shirt. Hannah can talk my child into anything.


Harper had a blast. Yelling "Defense!" and "Let's Go Sky!" and yes, even doing the Cha-Cha Slide at her seat and in the aisle. A moment that I, um, thwarted, when I attempted to bring her down onto the floor with me and hundreds of others. I, yes, I, should have known better to leave well enough alone. She was doing great until I gently persuaded her to head down to the floor. And while she didn't freak out as we inched our way closer to the cha cha'ing masses, as in the past, she did share that she just couldn't join everyone else. It wasn't for fear of people watching her, as has been her m.o., but rather, because there were just too many people.

I think I understood a little more about her last night.

She was completely enjoying the game, yelling and cheering with everyone else, attempting to get the attention of the Fly Kids, who would come around to throw balls and t-shirts, dancing in the aisle throughout the game and in the line for food, and on the way to the bathroom, and performing the the slide up in her seat with no inhibition. There was no anxiousness about any of this. It wasn't until we attempted to hit the floor that she clammed up. This was completely my misstep.

I got it. Crowds. Masses of people.

I apologized. "That's cool" was her response. The evening continued as if nothing happened. Cool. Totally.

She told me that she had the best time and would like to see another game.

The other cool part about last night was that I had the opportunity to introduce myself to Jeanne Martin. As she ascended the stairs I approached her with "I'm Joline. The writer". It felt a bit like a reunion, although we've never met. Jeanne had shared her heart at Career Conference. I had shared my heart through this blog. And thus, it is as if we'd already met, as opposed to a mere business introduction between a Red Jacket and Sales Director extraordinaire. It felt more familiar than that. She was just as warm in person as I expected and enthusiastically introduced me to her husband as "the one who writes the blog". I was very flattered. He shared that he really enjoys my writing and then said, "Keep up with this Mary Kay thing. It is really special."

Good God. Do I now have to write a blog about how he motivated me, also? What is it with these people?

No. I think that would border on "blog stalking".

Let me just say once again, that God keeps revealing the same message to me through both the Holy Spirit's nudgings and people.

Writing and Mary Kay.

It's the perfect recipe for me.

My year anniversary with Mary Kay is June 12. As George and I agreed when I began, I would try this Mary Kay gig for one year and then reassess whether I would continue. When I began, I only wanted to sell product - not develop a team. A year later, I have three team members, am considered a Star Recruiter and am working towards becoming a Team Leader. I am headed to seminar in July. I am consistently selling an average of $300 a week and am bringing in $3-500 every month as was the goal. I'm convinced. Once I reach Team Leader I have the possibility of working towards the car and directorship. This is where I stop to ponder. Do I want that? Do I really want to make this a solid career?


As long as I can write also.

Can't leave a step out of the recipe, right? All ingredients are important and play a role in the successful outcome of the baked good. And I'm baking me up a batch of scrumptious work at home pie. Thanks, Waitress. (Reference is not mean to confuse the reader. I'm not pregnant. Nor unhappily married. I simply like pie.)

Considering that I didn't even originally want what I have now, I guess I should be open to the next step.

So, Happy Anniversary to me. Moving onward and upward.

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