Monday, June 23, 2008

Grow Up!

I was sharing the news about my new gig at Smarthinking PR with a good friend of mine the other day. She is a writer as well, and thus, I knew she would understand my utter euphoria about being handed this opportunity. I also knew that she would be able to grasp the intense fear I have about Mucking it up . . .

Her words were few. Simple. And yet profound.

"Joline, you are an adult. So you're scared. So what. Just learn how to do the job. And then do it."


Well, that makes sense.

I'm an adult.

My children rely on me help them solve their problems.

They are young. They need direction.

And while I also need direction in the world of PR, it is really up to me, THE ADULT, to learn the trade. No one is going to spoon feed me or make me a chart to check off and track when I've completed my PR homework. There are no jelly bean's or stars being handed out for studying everyday. I have everything I need to research, educate, and implement these new skills. I already know in what direction to head. I can either sit and worry and fret and whine and doubt, or

I can pick up a book and learn something new.

I'm an adult. I have all the abilities I need to learn new things.

Even a new trade.

I'm an adult and I'm thankful for my level headed adult friends. Good word, Joan!

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