Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zaneism: 9-11 Thoughts

My son learned about 9-11 in school on Friday.

Admittedly, part of me was sad. First, because by learning of the tragedy he would now lose some of his wide-eyed innocence about the world. Secondly, because I wanted to be the one to share the event with him.

Only, I dig his teacher - and from what he shared with me - she did a great job explaining what happened on that beautiful morning back in 2001.

This isn't a reflective post. I wrote one back then and a few years later when I shared with Harper what had happened that day after reading a book about New York which included a picture of the Twin Towers.

"Oh! I want to go there!" my little gal exclaimed.

I called George upstairs, and we all talked about it together. She was 4.

Anyway, none of those blog posts are on-line any longer due to several blog redesigns in which I failed to transfer the posts. I have them stored away. Just not here.

So, I won't be reflecting again.

But I did want to share a recent Zaneism which seems to be fitting for a day like today. And, well, every day - if you think about it. In uttered these words completely out of the blue a few weeks ago,

"I think there is an invisible thread that you can't see that connects every person in the world. Because of that, we are all family."

Well said, son.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Repost from Pittsburgh Mom: Job Opening for a New Tooth Fairy

During a trip to the dentist last week, Zane was ecstatic to learn that he had a loose tooth.
Harper didn't lose a tooth until First Grade, and I suspected that Zane would follow suit. Sure enough, on schedule, after only a week into First Grade, it was time time to check-off his next milestone.
Following that exciting trip to the dentist chair, Zane spent the entire week wiggling the darn tooth - and even entertained the idea of tying one end of a string to his tooth, the other the door handle, and slamming the door.
(No. Of course we didn't.)
As we patiently waited for the gem to fall, Zane discussed an important matter with me. 
"You know, " (wink, wink) "there is such thing as a Tooth Fairy . . . MOM."
"Zane, I am well aware of the Tooth Fairy."
"I wonder," (wink, wink) "what she will leave under my pillow . . . MOM. $20.00?"
"Nope. Think again."
The day came. Zane woke on Tuesday morning, and out came the tooth. No blood. No drama. Just - out it came, into his palm.
We placed it in a little plastic treasure chest, and he set it on his night-stand in preparation for the over-night festivities.
"Have a great day . . . MOM . . . I bet you'll be busy doing . . . um, stuff . . . MOM!"
I don't know what's worse: surprising the kid who believes the Tooth Fairy is real, and thus dreams of discovering an enormous booty fit for a pirate under his pillow, in place of the tooth, or the kid who DOESN'T believe the Tooth Fairy is real, and is just waiting for his parents to come through in a big way. We'd never discussed it, but it was clear that my kid was waiting to see how I'd perform.
Pressure. It had been so long since Harper lost a tooth that I found myself fumbling. It was midnight when I actually remembered . . . and so, admittedly, I borrowed, stole 4 quarters from our Christmas Jar, and as duty calls, placed them under Zane's pillow.
The next morning, he wasted no time throwing his pillow off his bed. Thankfully, he let out an enthusiastic, "Woo hoo!!!!!!!! MONEY!"
I was relieved. And even a little proud. I did good. I rocked the Tooth Fairy gig, (even though I had to resort to petty theft.)  I kept it simple. No gimmicks. Classic.
I eagerly waited to receive the props I deserved from my beaming son.
"MOM! Nice try, but you forgot about the tooth! LEAVE the MONEY. TAKE the TOOTH."
Doh. I knew that . . .
I've never liked fairies.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SCENE: Summer Makes Its Exit at Lakehouse Lodge

This is where we officially ended our summer.

Remember that list I made back in May?

Well, I'm happy to say that we checked off everything on that list, except for the laser tag, New York City, and seeing "The Wizard of Oz" on the big screen.

No worries. Laser Tag will be saved  for a cold, rainy day, New York is still there having been spared by Irene, and we can watch "The Wizard of Oz" anytime.

The summer was, in a word, exhausting.

I mean, look at that list. We were constantly on the go. The kids really enjoyed themselves, but it wasn't relaxing. At all. Fulfilling? Yes. Tiring? Completely.

This weekend, however, we breathed.

Enter Michelle and Jason's wedding.

Who would have thought that being a bridesmaid in a wedding would be a vacation?

Michelle and Jason know how to show their guests a great time. The Lighthouse Lodge in Monticello, Indiana was BEAUTIFUL. The cottage where we stayed along with two friends from our Chicago days, perfect. The breakfasts were delicious. The ability to just HANG OUT AND TALK with forever friends was such a gift. We enjoyed time with old friends. We went "American picking". We got to know Tommy and Nic. I worked out on the the lawn in front of the lake. Bonfire. Boat ride. Cornfields. Lots of cornfields. Falling asleep with my book on my head because I just couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to read. Having my son blow me a kiss while I stood up in the wedding of one of my closest friends. And I mean close. We've really been through A LOT - no surface crap here.

Such fun. The highlight of my summer.

Fall came overnight. While we sweltered in 98 degree heat during the ceremony, the next morning had us in the 70's and today, the 60's. I am now heading into the final three weeks of rehearsal for my next gig, and then . . . would you believe nothing is planned?

Farewell summer. You were busy. You were hot. I got a deck out of your season, but now the temps are colder, and I'll need a fire pit in order to hang with you in the evenings. Next year, I hope to meet you earlier in the season - perhaps with a week at a calm lake somewhere with the family - and maybe another reunion of friends, taking walks, exploring, and not having to be anywhere specific.

My kids - they have some great memories from our adventures. And so do I.

But, after all the traveling, and the kids being here, or being there, I needed a long nap.

This weekend seemed to help much of the fatigue.

Perfect exit.

Congratulations Michelle and Jason. Thank you for gifting US with the best weekend of the summer!