Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zaneism: 9-11 Thoughts

My son learned about 9-11 in school on Friday.

Admittedly, part of me was sad. First, because by learning of the tragedy he would now lose some of his wide-eyed innocence about the world. Secondly, because I wanted to be the one to share the event with him.

Only, I dig his teacher - and from what he shared with me - she did a great job explaining what happened on that beautiful morning back in 2001.

This isn't a reflective post. I wrote one back then and a few years later when I shared with Harper what had happened that day after reading a book about New York which included a picture of the Twin Towers.

"Oh! I want to go there!" my little gal exclaimed.

I called George upstairs, and we all talked about it together. She was 4.

Anyway, none of those blog posts are on-line any longer due to several blog redesigns in which I failed to transfer the posts. I have them stored away. Just not here.

So, I won't be reflecting again.

But I did want to share a recent Zaneism which seems to be fitting for a day like today. And, well, every day - if you think about it. In uttered these words completely out of the blue a few weeks ago,

"I think there is an invisible thread that you can't see that connects every person in the world. Because of that, we are all family."

Well said, son.

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