Monday, October 10, 2011

"And the award goes to . . ."

"Caitlyn Allison for Outstanding Supporting Actress!"

"Joline Atkins for Outstanding Lead Actress!"

"Scott Calhoun for Outstanding Director!"

"Pump for Outstanding Production!"

And so concludes my FIRST visit to the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, and my SECOND show in the Pittsburgh area.

Yes, I'm flattered.

No, I didn't even know I had been nominated. Nominations were read at the post-Festival Gala just last night.

Yes, I had to make a speech.

No, I wouldn't have won any awards for Outstanding Impromptu Speech based on my words last evening.

I managed to thank those who needed to be thanked: George, Scott (my Director), and Caityln (my fellow partner in pumping crime).

I also managed to thank the Pittsburgh theater community by muttering something like, "Yinz are great n'at." (how embarrassing - but, I did . . .)

And, as the award was given to me by a professor at Point Park who happened to have a small role in "Inspector Gadget" filmed here in Pittsburgh back in 1999, I actually hummed the Inspector Gadget theme while heading for the mike. (Yes, go ahead, hang your head, and shake it in shame for me.)

Oh yes, and there was also that little statement about being a Pastor's wife from Beaver in a play centered around boobs. (Nursing boobs - put your eyes back in your sockets.)

What do you expect?????


Post-show thoughts:

  • I'm digging my return to acting in this decade of life.
  • I'm not running out to audition for every show that comes my way like I did in my 20's and 30's. I have a family.  A fulfilling life. I simply want to do good work. Pump was good work.
  • I love performing. My desire for it is back after Yonkers and Pump. I'm content with being selective.
  • Time to investigate agents so that I can continue to dip my toe into the performing pool, AND get paid for something I LOVE to do.
  • I am auditioning for something tomorrow, but unlike in my 20's and 30's, I won't be devastated if I don't get it. Having played Bella and now this, I have a confirmation that age as brought a whole new maturity to what I can bring to the stage. I'll be disappointed if not cast, yes, but since performing doesn't run my life, I'll be cool. I am happy with the work I am doing, and will patiently wait for the next gig.
  • Life is back to normal around here. I'm a mommy with a sick kid at home, and another who is stuck at home because his sister is sick. And when I showed them the award, their response was, "Oh. Is it made out of glass? Can we have some toast?" I'm Mom.
I truly felt like a fish out of water after accepting the award last night, and only knew 3 other people in the room - so there was this odd sense of "what just happened?" running through my head.

George, on the other hand, beamed. Came home, dusted off a shelf, and promptly displayed my award.

Back to being Mommy now. Off to the pediatric office. Dear God, I certainly hope it's not Strep.


Anonymous said...

So thrilled for you, for the award but more importantly for how you are living this season of life to the fullest!

Amy said...

Congratulations! What a way to make a "comeback"!

Debbie Legg said...

So, so happy for you and proud of you. :)