Friday, June 20, 2008

"A" Words



While these words have certainly been uttered several times from Harper's mouth over the past few years, we've never witnessed an rocket firing onslaught of these "A" words as much as we did last week.

"AMAZING!" Was her review of Prince Caspian.

For even though my Sprite guzzling pixie had to take two bathroom breaks during the film, (a reminder to me, who HATES missing any portion of a film, that drinks are now prohibited during a trip to the movies), it didn't stop her from exclaiming, "This is AMAZING!" at least two dozen times.

I strongly believe that the joy she felt was partly due to having read the book, as she knew, at all times, what was happening throughout the course of the film, even though the sequence of events was different than the written word. I sensed a real satisfaction in her for having read the actual novel.

But to our amazement, Harper's most animated reactions came during the battle scenes.

Our daughter loves battle scenes.

No, really, she scared us a bit with how much she loves battle scenes.

In fact, they are "AMAZING!"

George and I weren't quite sure how to respond to Harper's laughs and cheers at the enemy's expense. She would turn to Bradley (our wonderful neighbor across the street and guest for the evening) and say, "Oh! He's going down!" or "Isn't this incredible?" or "YEAH!" thrusting a triumphant fist in the air.

She definitely made her enthusiastic presence known in the back seat of the theater with her chuckles and hoots and hollers.

The character of Susan was her favorite in the book, and the movie only heightened her impression of this female child heroine wielding her bow and arrow.

I see archery and fencing in her future.

As long as she doesn't end up on the Renaissance Fair circuit.

Oh yeah, that's a mother's dream.

"AWESOME!" was Harper's reaction to being on the El this week while traveling down to Millennium Park to hear our friend, Mike Myers, play trumpet with the Grant Park Orchestra.

My girl has had a love of trains since she was two, and although she's abandoned Thomas the Tank Engine and the train table, her interest in trains is still alive and well. We caught the Purple Express to Grant Park on Wednesday night and Harper was in happy, happy, joy, joy land.

A train would pass us traveling in the opposite direction.


A train would pass sporting Ipod advertisements.


We'd make a jerky turn.


The concert was wonderful. Harper and Zane both loved the "bean" and our picnic. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, even if a tad chilly. Grams and Gramps were champions throughout the adventure. The evening was synonymous with memorable summer night.

Until the train ride home.

We didn't catch the Express.

And Harper learned how to stand on the train holding on for dear life. We were cramped. Hot. Tired. Zane was calling to me in George's arms from across the train, hand's outstretched as if I could save him. I wanted to yell, "Stay alive! I will find you!"

We had to switch trains twice.

We made it home and stumbled inside.

We were all wiped out.

But happy.



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