Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thinking Smart

My desire to combine my passions into a work at home structure is becoming a reality! Yesterday, I accepted a Part-Time writing gig with Smarthinking PR, a company run by an Evanston mom who has seen a surge of new business and thus developed the need to bring a writer on board.

I'm that writer!

Um, I'm that WRITER!

Her business is soaring.

My Mary Kay business is soaring.

My desire to write, which has been soaring, has now evolved into an actual position in PR.

I recently received a card from my friend, the always encouraging Trish Harwood (and new Mary Kay Sales Director and car driver) that says,

"SOAR! Life is full of new beginnings -may this year be your most successful Mary Kay Year ever! Happy Anniversary!"

And you know what? For the first time in awhile, I feel like I'm soaring. As I exited my car yesterday for the interview, I felt a familiar tug in my gut. It was the same surge of adrenaline I used to feel when getting out the car to head into O'Connor's Casting for an audition.

I knew at that point that the thrill of writing does indeed mirror the thrill I once had for performing.

I'm loving my Mary Kay business. Check.

I spent yesterday beaming after an incredible meeting with Smarthinking (throughout which my nerves were fluttering between "YES!" and "CRAP! Can I do this?"). Check.

Upon sharing the new gig with George, he asked, "How does this affect your Mary Kay business?"

Wrong question.

The question now is, "How does this affect my other quarter-time job?"

The answer is . . . I'm not ready to come down on a solid answer for that one yet.

Right now, my goal is to book MK appointments, keep current customers happy and satisfied, continue growing my customer base and my team, and CRAM PR . . . I have a few things to learn. Quickly. Like now. Today.

And dear, dear, Melody also knows just how to rev me up for this "new year" in my business life. With a gift card to Starbuck's.

I have such amazing friends.

Friends who encourage me with words.

Friends who encourage me with cards.

Friends who understand my addiction and choose to just give up the fight to sober me up from my caffeine bender by giving me free money with which to buy more coffee.

Thus, enabling me to SOAR even faster!

And she's off . . . well, first she needs an incredible overhaul of her home office.

Does TLC's "Overhaulin'" do home offices?

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