Friday, June 20, 2008

Wicked Coincidence!

Zane's Date with Mommy: Conversation 2

Zane begins a discussion about The Wizard of Oz out of nowhere.

"Mommy, what is the witch's name in Wizard of Oz?"

"Well, we now know her name is Elphaba."

"She's not nice. And that girl, um, what's her name?"


"Right. Dorothy kills the witch."

"How does she kill the witch, Zane?"

"Um, with steam."

"Well, what does she pour on her?"

"Oh. Water. She was not very good."

"No, Zane, the witch was evil."

"That is a scary movie."

"Yes, it can be."

A customer enters the store and orders a coffee.

Just keep reading. The fact that this guy entered is important. Wait.

"What is the name of the witch's army?"

I had to think on this one.

"Well, she had flying monkey's. Is that who you mean?"


"No? Well, they were like an army, but didn't have a name other than Flying Monkey's. I think."

It's at this point that the male customer who is fixing his coffee turns to us and says,

"I think he means the witch's guards."

"Oh! That makes sense. Do you mean the guards, Zane?"


The man continues, "They sing 'Oh ee oh . . .'"

I then sing the guards chant to Zane.

The customer continues, "It actually means 'We serve her and only her' backwards."

I look at him blankly.

"I'm one of the Executive Producers of 'Wicked'".

That explains that.

But can anyone explain how my son and I can be having hot chocolate and coffee while randomly discussing The Wizard of Oz only to have one of the producers of Wicked, of all shows, enter the shop in the middle of our conversation?

Seriously, does anyone find that interesting?

Come on! Have a little fun basking in the mystery of coincidence.


Liz said...

That is a WILD story! Only to you would that happen!

RobbyG said...

Carl Jung (and Sting) would probably call that synchronicity. Jesus would call it grace and love.

Just my 2 cents.

Rob Godschall

Cuppa Jo said...

That's a well spoken 2 cents my friend!