Wednesday, June 11, 2008

August 11: Non-Busy Day?

Think of how many times you rattle off the phrase, "It's a busy time."

I often wonder if those of us who use the "it is such a busy time" line are either truly over scheduled, or simply guilty of using the busy excuse to relieve ourselves from commitments in which we honestly prefer not to engage. "Busy" has become so overused that I, for one, often doubt the truth behind it being stated as a reason for not being available.

Why can't we just say "No, thank you"? And leave it at that?

I'm in the art of getting "No's". In fact, I know that I'm working my Mary Kay business when I actually reach a live person on the phone to ask whether they would like to try our products and they respond with "No". I prefer it much more to a blubbering excuse about being busy. "Busy" is a curtain behind which many hide.

Straight up is better with me. A "No" will make my day. It frees me up to move on, rather than calling that person again "when things slow down". After all, have you ever asked a person who responds with "when things slow down" as to when that might be? Do you think they actually have a solid date for "when things slow down"?

Look at a calendar. Every month has either a holiday, or memorial, or deadline, or Hallmark Card inspired event to keep us busy. Except August. So, in theory, one could then gather that August is not busy. Wrong, my friend! August is the month of vacations and back to school preparations.

See, there's always something.

But, this post has gone on much longer than I intended. And it wasn't supposed to be about getting "No's" in sales or an evaluation as to the busyness factor for each month of the year. When I clicked "New Post", I merely wanted to type:

Being busy is a choice.

Now before you get all defensive about responsibility, and obligation, and service, and availability, just stop for a moment, and ask yourself why you are so offended by my blurting out that being busy is a choice.

Let me be clear as to what I am NOT saying. Mother's are busy. All day. Everyday. Taking care of one's children, one's husband, one's home, etc. is pretty much a non-negotiable in my opinion. Our jobs and careers also create unavoidable busyness with deadlines and projects and traveling. Students are busy with classes, and finals, and extra-curricular activities. Of course we all have stuff. I realize that those non-negotiables to which we must give our time, attention, and effort are a legitimate part of the human experience.

The busyness to which I am referring is the hyper over scheduling of every member of the family in activity after activity, serving on every committee possible, running around with one's arm and leg and hand and foot entangled and stretched in every direction, not unlike a game of Twister. The result being that the main areas of life, Faith and Family, suffer under the weight of all the other activities taken on, the pressure causing you to crumble on to the mat flat on your ass.

Yep. I said ass.

Just reflect for a moment.

And then purge.

I'm no gardener, but I do know that pruning is essential for growth and beauty and strength.

So, while all I really wanted to say is that being busy is a choice, I guess I just happened to have the time to embellish on the thought a bit.

Guess I must not be all that busy.

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Anonymous said...

Matt and I actually made the decision to limit Hannah's activites to one per season. So, tennis lessons stopped when softball season started. They can start again when softball is over. Matt doesn't want the girls to grow up in a frenzied, "busy" environment.

Anyway, all that to say I agree with this chosen busy-ness and we choose not to be busy to avoid the stress that comes with it.