Thursday, June 5, 2008

Character Analysis

Tonight, we finish Prince Caspian.

And if I had any doubt whether Zane has been listening and comprehending the story over the past 3 weeks, that doubt has now vanished.

Today, while asking me for the zillionth time if he could see the movie (which, we're not so sure about), I had the cleverest of clever ideas.

Thank you BBC for making a version of the Narnia books years ago. A quick hop over to the library and a very ordained stop in front of the children's dvd's placed me directly in front of their version of Prince Caspian.

Zane was ecstatic.

"Mommy! Does it have Caspian?"








"The mouse? Reepy Cheepy?"

Close. Yes.

"What about the children? Peter, Susan, um, what's the other girl?"


"Oh, yes, Lucy. And the other boy?"


"What's the bad King's Name?"


"Right. Miraz. And Peter fighted him."


"And this is my Prince Caspian to watch?"


Book read. Money saved. Boy happy.

We then went on a date to Panera where he ate his yogurt and turkey before his cookie.

Ah, the magic of Narnia is most certainly upon us.

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