Friday, April 23, 2010

The Joy of Play

There is an ultimate joy that can be found in eavesdropping on a playdate going well.

Zane and Bodin are the closest pair to what Zane had with one of his buddies back in Evanston. They are two peas in a pod and can be left to themselves for HOURS without my running interference.

Today? No exception.

From the light-saber battle in the front yard to the request they made that snacks be delivered to the Death Star, these two click.

Zane has needed that click.

But, my favorite quote of the day?

"The quicksand is bringing us to a journey of excitement" quickly followed by, "We are on an adventure discovering new worlds in the quicksand."

Thankfully, they escaped what could have been the tragedy that is drowning in quicksand, and have now moved on to building with lego's while listening to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Do they even know I'm here, except for the rare occasion when they need refreshment?

Nope. This morning, they played at Bodin's house for 2.5 hours, and then we swapped, and now Bodin has been here from almost 2. And they have not stopped.


And to continue on with my most recent post, Zane started reading short words today by sounding out the first and last letters. I wrote "PIG" and he said, "Puuu, Gggg - Pig". I have done NOTHING to encourage this. NOTHING. We went on to go over a few more small words that I had written and then we continued orally without my writing them down. What do I do next? Anyone?

He is transforming before my eyes.

"Quickly! Swim to the ship! There's darkness and lightening. And flashes. Get inside the ship!"

There they go again. I certainly hope they make it, because I'm not going to interrupt them.


Julie Bernstein said...

I think you go forward just as you are. He is leading the way on the reading journey organically, the most beautiful way. You have already done the most important work by surrounding him with print and reading him great stories.

Debbie Legg said...

"Debbie Legg likes this."
Oh, wait, that's Facebook...ah, well, it's just as true here.