Saturday, May 1, 2010

And You Are . . .?

When we first moved to Beaver, the kids would complain about walking everywhere.  Which is funny, because having lived in Evanston, that's what we'd do.  Park at the church, and then walk.  Everywhere.

After almost a year of living here, I think the kids have finally gotten the memo that I will NOT be plopping them in the car for a quick trip to the bank, the post office, or even Beaver Super.

So, knowing that they still tend to whine and complain a bit when we walk (and in their defense, I am a a very fast walker) I was completely dumbfounded, surprised, elated, and proud when Harper ran her practice 5K on Thursday.

Since I was down with a mysterious foot pain, and needed to stay off it in prep for my leg of of the Pittsburgh Marathon, Harper ran her first 3.1 with one of the Girl On The Run helpers who is a Senior in High School. For three miles, she ran. And talked. The entire time. Stopping only for a 30 second breather. She ran strong and finished well in about 35 minutes.

George and I never realized that she could run like this. Coach said she has the "gift" of running - someone who just does so effortlessly. We're not to tell her this.


Got to meet another side of my dear girl that night.  

And who are you, Zane? My little man who woke up Wednesday morning, petrified about performing in the school show. Zane who remained wrapped in a blanket on his bed, with his little head peaking out, sharing with me how scared he was to be in front of all the people.

Zane chose to "be a snake" (in his mind - he didn't dress like a snake - but somehow "being a snake" helped him cope), and entered the sanctuary, took his ribbon, and danced around the maypole with the other children. He stood while singing, even if he barely opened his mouth, said his lines into the microphone, performed hand gestures for songs, and even danced enthusiastically to what I think was a Laurie Berkner tune.

I was shocked.

He did it Zane's way.

Zane's show and Harper's 3.1 are one in the same: the means by which they revealed to their parents a bit more of who they are, and that they can do the unexpected.

THAT's who they are.

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