Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm thinking an introduction may be in order for any new readers that I may have picked up since moving to Beaver last June.  While I have never thought to do so, I have come to realize that many of you who are now devoted readers may not have taken the time to go back and read my posts from 2008 and 2009.  Thus, as this is a personal blog, many of you do not know me very well, or the reason why Cuppa Jo was started in the first place.

I began blogging in 2001 when my daughter Harper was born. The blog was primarily a means of communicating her experiences to our family who lived hours from us and didn't get to see her but a few times a year. It also served as an online diary by which I could document my special moments with her, as well as share my parenting joys and struggles with other Moms out there in the world of "mommy blogging".

While those posts are no longer online, they are saved on a CD for me to give to Harper one day.

When Zane came along, I created a second page by which to document our "inZane" life. This too, has been saved to CD, and will one day be handed to him in a big, ceremonious fashion.

I tell my kids that I think about them all day, but this blog will serve as proof that Mom truly did have  both Zane and Harper on the brain and heart daily.

Cuppa Jo was created in 2008, when I could no longer keep up with separate pages for both kids. It also served as a place for me to "cry out" when we began noticing some struggles that Harper was having. Knowing that I spent years relying upon my journal as a means of communicating with my Heavenly Father, I soon realized that blogging was also a cathartic expression of the pain I was feeling for my daughter.

Many of the posts from 2008 document and detail our experience as we searched for both a diagnosis and means of treatment for her. I have never been shy about sharing this area of our lives so openly, as I was sure that at some point in time, a reader would come to me needing help for the very same issues.

And, indeed, they have.

Cuppa Joy has since morphed into my online place to share stories, opinions, moments about the children (that I have jotted down in order to share with them when I am old and senile and can't remember where I set my teeth, or worse yet, my cup of coffee), and a place for dialogue.

By reading my personal blog, you are seeing, first hand, the lens by which I view life, based upon my experiences.

Many readers have left comments on posts that I've written - not all agreeing with my sentiments about this situation or that topic, but I have always welcomed feedback. I enjoy communicating through the written word, and I also love that my words get people thinking and talking, and yeah, sometimes, a little fired up.

So comment. Ask away. Tell me my opinion is crazy. Share with me that you disagree. Celebrate with me. Type, "duh". Yell at me. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Cheer me on and rebuke me.  Go ahead and quote, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Check in with me.

It all makes for great discussion and I will always welcome the opportunity to to discuss a piece I've written.

Thanks for pouring yourself a cuppa jo.

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