Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Chicago Mom to Pittsburgh Mom

I am officially a Pittsburgh Mom. Well, at least according to I am! Not only am I a Pittsburgh Mom, but I'm a Pittsburgh Soccer Mom at that.

I know. Is your head just spinning with excitement?

Well, mine is.

For years, almost 3 of them now, I have been sharing with family and friends how I would relish the responsibility of writing a weekly column or post, for a either a paper or online publication. Paid. You know, like a real job.

Enter Pittsburgh.

I've been reading PghMom (for you Chi folks, Pgh is to Pittsburgh as Chi is to Chicago) since moving here, and have gotten to know the manager of the site. I've even cheered her on as she went from couch to 5K to half-marathon over this past year. So, when she emailed recently with the opportunity to write for the site, I jumped really high, and then began crying and thanking my children for the endless supply of material.

I am now "soccer mom" writing about parenting at

Every Thursday.

I can only equate the hundreds of posts I've written here on Cuppa Jo to those countless auditions I would take in Chicago while I waited to get cast in a choice role.  The habit and discipline of writing, even if no one was reading, only strengthened my work and my resolve to find a place to showcase my goods.

So, now that I've got Thursday covered, it's time to fill, hmmm, let's say, Tuesday.



Kathy said...

Loved your post on Pittsburgh Mom. When I was growing up we had a similar situation happen in our big, old Chevy wagon (unaffectionately called the weinee-wagon when I was a teenager). A big pan of some beef with peppers extravaganza my mom was taking to a party sloshed all over the back of the car. For MONTHS we smelled the pepper/onion combo. This was way before fabreese! Congrats on your first post. Couldn't see where to leave a comment there :)


Amy said...

I'm so happy to see your dream becoming a PAID reality. Woohoo!

Debbie Legg said...

Looks great! Whoo-hoo for you-oo! :)
Be sure to post either here or on FB that another article is up so I can
A) read it and
2) remember it's Thursday.

MamaSoo said...

Loved this story! Too bad about Febreze, I thought it could take care of ANYTHING!

Congrats on the job! No surprise though-you're amazing!

Cuppa Jo said...

Thanks for the encouragement!