Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three Cups of Coffee

So, faithful reader, you will notice the addition of a link to Team Beachbody on my site and the obvious disappearance of the link to my personal Mary Kay website and Mary Kay blog.

Seems as if my Mary Kay blog and links from Cuppa Jo to my personal Mary Kay website stirred some feathers with the company's legal department and thus . . . they shut me down. I am not bitter.  I am not leaving Mary Kay.  No way.  I like the product and so do the women in my customer base.  But, I will no longer be using my blogs to promote my Mary Kay business and will just go about it the old fashioned way:  talking directly to people.

The kind folks over at Team Beachbody, however, are all about personal blogging and have provided me with a wealth of links to videos, clip-art, etc. from which to build the newest addition to the Cuppa Jo family, Cuppa Jo: Fit With Jo.

What is it about? I'll let you go over there and read for yourself.

I am now drinking three cups of coffee each day in the form of: writing, Team Beachbody, and Mary Kay. I am the quintessential work from home gal with quite the entrepreneurial spirit, so adding Team Beachbody is quite natural for me. The bonus with this new cup, is that I am getting paid to help myself and others get fit.

So, that's the bean.  (And a bad joke.)

Three different mugs, each full with a unique blend of "java" for which I have a personal interest and passion.

You've already joined me by reading my work here on Cuppa Jo.  Many of you are reaping tremendous benefits for your skin from Mary Kay products, and now, perhaps my new venture will motivate you to get fit - Beachbody style.

I think three cups of coffee is perfect.

Don't you?

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