Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

This week, during Pink Eye Palooza, Harper and I passed the time by wading through 3 boxes of hand-me-down clothing given to us by two different neighbors. The result? Harper's spring and summer wardrobe.

Just a few weeks ago I returned from Chicago with a bag full of hand-me-downs for Zane, given to me by the hostess of my quick trip.

We are blessed to have an abundance of clothes for the children for which we have paid . . . nothing.

One of my recycling efforts involves clothing. I know for a fact that clothes when washed well can cover up to three children. Zane has received clothing from his cousin Toby who received those clothes from his brother, Tanner. Harper has received clothing from her cousin Haley, which we then send back for Kari who is younger than Harps.

Yes, this system involves shipping clothing back and forth, but I guarantee you that this effort is far less expensive and time consuming than actually shopping and paying for brand new clothes. Currently, I have three enormous boxes to send to my nieces all from the in-home "shopping" extravaganza that Harper experienced this week. Everything she didn't want (and she turned down some amazing things) are going to my two nieces, as the gracious owners did not want the pieces back.

And me?

Well, after a terribly stressful week, I took myself to Goodwill for some uninterrupted hunting. After 2.5 hours (if you are going to really "do" Goodwill correctly, you must allow time), I returned home with:

1 shirt dress (Funky People - love it)
4 cotton tanks (Old Navy Perfect Fit - one of the only Old Navy styles I like)
2 fancier tank tops
4 shirts (2 short sleeve, 1 light long sleeve (Ann Taylor), 1 sheer (under which I'll wear a tank))
4 skirts (1 being Tommy Hilfiger, 2 being Ann Taylor, 1 Target)
1 pair of shorts (Gap)
2 pairs of Carpris (1 being Liz Claiborne)

The bill?

$65.98. Roughly $3.67 a piece.

Why thrifting? Well, the price tag for one.

But, a more personal reason would be that I am not at the size I was a year ago. For all my efforts of running and tennis, I have still put on a bit of weight this year due to some personal stress. I am a VERY emotional eater. So, in my mind, why purchase completely new clothes at a size that I do not intend to keep after 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme, training to relay the Pittsburgh Marathon, and a 5K/10K planned for June? I'll be back in the old size. I'm confident of it. But, until then, I can't very well walk around in clothes I can't button. The only alternative is nudity.

Thrifting or nudity.

I think I made the right choice.

I am grateful that both my kids view hand-me-downs as "treasures" and that I don't have a girly clotheshorse to whom specific brands and clothing styles are so very life-or-death important. So far, so good.

Good 'ole SalVal has 50% on Wednesdays. I'm thinking that George and I should plan a hot date Wednesday morning to get him outfitted for the season.

My mother taught me well about second hand shopping. Wear a tank top so that you can try things on quickly (at least shirts), and be ready to make multiple trips to try items on. Give yourself ample time. Goodwill hunting is not for the quick in/out trip.

If your nose is in the air about this - lower it. All you will get from that stance is a stiff neck.

But that's fine. Thanks for leaving all the awesome finds for me!

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