Tuesday, April 20, 2010

School in the House, Rocks

As a first time mother, I had videos and flashcards, and read religiously to Harper 20 minutes a day, as recommended. We took classes, I sang (non-stop), she listened to music (all variety's, and even developed a liking to ABBA), and basically spent her early existence being introduced to everything I could put before her.


Well, um . . .

So, last night when Zane announced that it was time that he learned how to read, I knew it had absolutely NOTHING to do with me . . . and everything to do with his pre-school field trip to visit Kindergarten.

Following this field trip, we had our longest after school discussion to date. Everything about the trip was "awesome". The bus ride? "Awesome!" The indoor playground? "Awesome!" The class room?

"Mommy, we went to Emilie's classroom!"

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?

A few weeks ago, after picking Miss Emilie up from school, she practiced reading a book to us at the kitchen table. Zane sat there staring at her with a euphoric, "Wow, she's all that!" look on his face. He was mesmerized. Transfixed. No joke, people.

So, I wasn't surprised to hear him exclaim that it was time for him to start reading after actually seeing Miss Emilie at "big" school.

Harper leaped at the chance to help Zane and immediately ran to his room to retrieve the same flashcards I used with her when younger. And then we sat, listening to Zane as he told us what object was on the card, what sound the word began with, and whether it was spelled with an upper or lowercase beginning letter on the card. Over and over and over and over.

I was surprised by Harper's reaction of, "Mom, I think I'm going to cry", because, frankly, I was feeling exactly the same way, and had no idea that she, too, would be moved by all he has learned this year.

He is obviously excited to move on to new adventures, and I am thankful that although it has been a difficult transition for him this year, he has indeed grown in confidence.  As I sit here filling out the mounds of paperwork for his Kindergarten registration, I am not like most parents who are sending their first off to "big" school.  Yes, I am emotional about it, but I also know that he needs it.  It's time.  He's been in pre-school for 3 years now and if I could send him to school all day, I would.  He's ready.  He's willing. 

Now to tackle securing the teacher he wants.  The teacher he described as, "so sweet and gentle and fun".  That, of course, being Emilie's teacher.  I know every parent wants their child to have a nurturer for their first teacher, but, I REALLY want one. I have a child who still loves to snuggle, will openly tell everyone that he loves his beautiful and pretty mom and wants to hug and kiss her everyday.  This is a boy who goes to sleep listening and humming "Peter and the Wolf", and could spend hours listening to books on CD.  He describes himself as an artist, and says that colors are "beautiful".  I want a teacher who can inspire more of this in him, and will love him through it.  If he finds Mrs. H "sweet and gentle and fun", I want him to have his choice.  (And come on, you don't think I've already done my own investigation into Kindergarten teachers?  Zane only affirmed my choice.)

Don't think for one minute I won't write a persuasive note to slip in with his registration.

I'm a writer.  Right?

A write who adores her kid.

The kid who is currently grounded in his room. 

He still rocks.

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