Sunday, April 4, 2010

Work the Numbers

I had a very bad 40 year old moment tonight.

Actually, the "moment" took about 10 minutes and involved workout capri's, my favorite exercise bra, a camera, and a tape measure.

As my induction, if you will, into the world of deciding to become a Team Beachbody Coach, I am embarking on a 90 day journey with Chalene Johnson, creator of ChaLEAN Extreme. It all starts tomorrow.

In preparation, measurements had to be taken, and horribly embarrassing photographs had to be shot - one of which would ultimately be chosen as my "before" photo. Doesn't matter which one I chose, as they were all pitiful.

Harper took the shots. George did the measuring. I stepped on the scale to reveal that I am now at my highest weight. Ever. Did you read that right? EVER!

How can that be? I ran a few 5K's this year, and a 10K. And then I rocked my time in a half-marathon. I learned how to play tennis. What the fat is going on here? Literally - what the FAT?

Well, along with all those accomplishments, I have also been emotionally eating since our house went on the market back in February of 2009. Our family has endured selling a home, buying a home, moving, and settling in a new area, along with some very serious and difficult health issues.
Mommy has handled all of it by eating. She's been carrying a lot of weight. Both literally and figuratively.

After floundering back and forth with a fitness routine for months, it is finally time to commit to a program for which I will have to be accountable to others. The best way for me to be accountable is to take on the responsibility of leadership for motivating others and showing them that indeed all women can make empowering changes for the better of their physical health.

I chose to do so by becoming an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I have to log into the online gym a certain amount of times a month to remain "active". As I send out information over facebook and this blog about the program I'm doing, I very well better be doing it. Right? I want so much for women to conquer this area of their lives. Guess it better begin with me. Walk the talk.

Now it's out there.

And I have to produce.

Produce what? A leaner, trimmer, lighter me.

And yes, I'll try and drag your "I can't . . . I don't like to exercise . . .I could never do what you do" sorry a$# with me.

Come on, ladies. I, for one, am tired of this being an ongoing conversation - the constant griping about not being fit, and bathing suit season, and feeling sluggish, and not liking our bodies.

I'm out of that game and into this one.

Join me by either:

1. Picking up your own ChaLEAN Extreme at my site (or another awesome Beachbody program that you feel fits you and your current level of fitness).

2. Join my team as a coach and make a bit of coin just for exercising and guiding others towards the awesome Beachbody programs.

3. Picking up a program, like ChaLEAN, and then becoming a gym member over at Team Beachbody so that you can get support, accountability, great tips, etc. from other members and trained professionals.

And no . . . I'm not leaving Mary Kay . . . just furthering my desire for women to feel and look GREAT by adding some work below the neck as well.

Bring it.

Team Beach Body - Fit With Jo. It's where it all happens. (And ladies, while for me, it's all about you, bring your man . . . I bet he needs some work also. George is doing ChaLEAN with me!)


Janet Denison said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this! You are an honest, and inspiring woman! People would be a fool not to follow!
Way to step it up Joe!
love ya!

Christi said...

Last week, my daughter used $100 of her OWN money to buy the P90X program! She is now VERY anxiously awaiting the arrival of her package in the mail!

I'm sure it would chew me up and spit me out, but maybe I'll try it with her, and see how long I can last before passing out on the floor!

Love how motivated you are! You go!