Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PINKED! (Not the good Mary Kay kind)


Pink eye.

(cue creepy music)

I love when my children experience "firsts". Like, taking her first step. Or, her first lost tooth. Or, how about her first time on a sports team. Now wait! Nothing beats: HER FIRST CASE OF PINK EYE!


As she is spending yet another day home with moi, Harper and I have agreed to write this post together.

"No, Mom, Mom! Put it in big letters!"


Me: So Harper, tell me about that eye of yours.

Harper: Well, when I woke up yesterday, I couldn't open my eye. And I'm like, "MOM! I CAN'T OPEN MY EYE!"

Me: What happened next?

Harper: My mom said I had pink eye. So I had to stay home from school.

Me: Cool. Did you like that?

Harper: Nah. Kind of. Well, at least I had my homework brought home so I could do it. And so, I had to stay home, doing my homework, and playing Bananagrams with my mom.

Me: Hmm, I seem to recall some, well, difficulty with getting the medicine in your eyes. Would I be correct in that assumption?

Harper: Yeah. Well, the first time it was really, like, creepy because it's STUFF GOING INTO YOUR EYE! But, the other times doing it was a little easier-

Me: Hold on . . . easier????? Please.

Harper: It was easier because I got used to it.

Me: I'm sorry, but have you forgotten this morning?

Harper: Yeah. Well, it was kind of hard because . . . yesterday I was used to it, but then I, like, kind of forgot how easy it was. I finally did it.

Me: Yes, but what did it take to convince you?

Harper: My Dad told me a story about when he was little. It was about how he was scared of going to the doctor. His doctor told him you can be sick longer or you can take the shot now and get better soon.

Me: What a sweet story. So, how did I handle you not wanting to take the drops?

Harper: You . . . kind of got really mad. Then you went to your office, shut the door, and I think you put a chair by the door because you were so mad and didn't want anyone to get in.

Me: For the record, I did not put a chair by the door. But I WAS livid. Continue.

Harper: Change of subject.

Me: No, I don't think we're done with this interview.

Harper: I finally got the drop in because Dad told me to close my eyes and then he put the drop on the corner of my eye. Then I opened my eye and the drop came into my eye and then I closed it again to keep it inside. For some reason, Dad did it three times in the same eye.

Me: I think he wanted to make sure it was really in there. So, um, how are you feeling about me now?

Harper: Um, I know that we're OK now and well, when we are done with this post, I wanna play Bananagrams.

Me: I love you, Harps. I love you more than any other girl in the world.

Harper: Yeah! I love you too, Mom. Can we play Bananagrams now?

And with that, our story ends. Tonight, I will be taking the kids to see The Wizard of Oz at Heinz Hall and thankfully, Harper can attend, because she allowed me to force feed her eyeballs the drops.

Harper: Scene.

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Anonymous said...

wow what a story!!! Very sweet. Im glad ur getting better Harper, because grace wants to see u this week.Have a great time tonight!!!! I just wanted to tell u that the same thing happened in our house when one of the kids had pink eye. Drops are not fun!!! Do u need grace to bring home your homework?