Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You might be interested to know how my quest to abstain from complaining during this Lenten season is progressing.

Can't complain.

I've had some bobbles, and yet, for the most part, I'm really finding that I am making strides at taking better care of the words that flow from my mouth.

How about those commission charts?

Really can't complain. The kids rooms have been clean for a week and a half. That's a record. Less nagging going on around here.

With those two topics out of the way, I thought I'd share some links from other bloggers that have made me think this week.

I really enjoy Sierra's writing style over at ChildWild. I was introduced to her via a post describing a recent horrific experience she had while flying with her children. Most recently however, I was struck by our similarity of thought on the topic of over programming our children. Read up on why she quit everything. And then, after you read that, pop over to her post about her airline experience, and maybe read up on her thoughts about banking. Even though we couldn't be more different, I find that I seem to get frustrated over the same things that this writer does, and thus, I am now a frequent reader of her posts.

I also have a recommendation for all of you who are giggling about those of us who still believe that there is indeed something wacky going on with regards to our planet even with the heavy snowfall this winter (really, should 48 states have gotten snow this winter?). Head over to Green Mama and read her latest. I like her approach on the topic.

Personally, I love reading blog posts from women that challenge me to think a bit differently than I do. No, doing so may not always result in my changing my mind or opinions. However, I genuinely enjoy surrounding myself with those who may have a different worldview than myself. Keeps my brain hoppin' and life interesting.

Also makes for GREAT conversation!

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Sierra Black said...

aw!!! thank you! reading this awesome referral made my day. And I loved reading about your kids' commission charts. We'll have to try that at home when mine are a little older.