Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keurig Down! Keurig Down!

I know, I know, you want to hear about how Girls on the Run is going. And how Harper beams every time she gets home from practice.

And how my son and his "girlfriend" dissected dinosaurs (only the mean ones) at the kitchen table, turning home-made flubber into the carnivore's kidneys.

You want to know the 411.

You probably have no interest in hearing about my sick Keurig.

Too bad.

See, this is Cuppa Jo, and this Jo doesn't begin the day without her fresh cuppa, handed to her bedside by her husband. And frankly, you should know this.

And yet, there's been an injury to the very appliance that I consider a member of our own family.

Some googling revealed that there have been a batch of Keurig Elites taking nose dives over the past few months. My research turned up complaints of countless misfires which have occurred in Keurig Elites all over the US. The water wouldn't heat. Machines turning off after brewing one cup. Loud, angry, painful noises.

Yes, my little Keurig is wounded.

Upon calling the company, it took less than 5 minutes for the customer service representative to share that a new one would be in the mail tomorrow. With pods. Did I need to send the defective unit back?


I was instructed to just dispose of it.

Like, bury it?

No answer. He wasn't in the mood to joke. Polite? Well, yes, although also sounding very unemotional and scripted in his response to me. Clearly, he had heard my story before. Apparently, countless times. He knew the drill.

I would like to thank those Keurig Elite owners who have gone before me, reporting their injured machines, and thus blazing the trail by which enabling me to get a replacement so very quickly, without the wasted time of several phone calls to the company or the hassle of packaging up the unit to send back. Thanks for fighting so that I wouldn't have to do so.

Hopefully, my next Keurig will be from a fresh batch - ready to perform up to 4 times a day without complaint, fatigue, retreat, or defect.

Until I receive my new machine, I will lay hands on the lame appliance, in hopes of securing at least one cup of java in the morning.

And if I can't?

You will find me at my neighbor's house.


Angie said...

Good post, hoping for better coffee days ahead! :)

Christi said...

I think that I must be missing out on something. I have my free Gevalia coffee maker that came years ago...with our Gevalia coffee order (the best coffee EVER by the way), and so far, I've never thought that there was anything better...but all of this Keurig talk out there has me wondering if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! Hmmm...

Stace said...

my $15 coffee pot was just fine but my well water has virtually killed it! It took 40 min. for 9 cups to perk. Well...can't get a Keurig because well water'll KILL IT TOO! So, hope to be off for another cheapy brand soon!