Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, The Places You Will Go

Seeing as it was Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday, and that he wrote this very encouraging book about what one can accomplish, it would be appropriate for me to blog about some new and exciting movements in the lives of my children.

Zane has recently begun linking the letter and the sound it makes as it corresponds to words. He goes around "puttering" and "muttering" and "tuttering" all day.

"P, p, p, p, p. Popcorn!"

"T, t, t, t. Teeth!"

Each time we tell him that he is getting closer to reading, he glows.

And, I, of course, cry.


Yesterday, on Seuss's birthday, he comes home from school and tells me that he read the name Dr. Seuss off the board.

I was doubtful.

"No, mom, I did. I looked at the word and saw the d, d, d and the sssssss. She told us it was an author's name, so I raised my hand and said Dr. Seuss. I got it right!"

He put two and two together and . . . oh, the places you will go!

And Harper? Be still my heart.

After some arm twisting (not literally), I convinced her to try out Girls on the Run at the local YMCA. She was reticent. Really. Very. Reticent.

She is continuing to take tennis lessons (but is currently opposed to even attempting to play a real match), but we decided against softball (due to the schedule - we want our family evenings), and swimming (again, lessons are at the dinner hour). However, we wanted Harper to experience one activity where she would have to overcome a challenge (she will run/walk a 5K at the end of the season) while providing a real confidence boost - her coach ROCKS.

I made sure to have her running clothes ready after school, a snack, and her shoes (which now have pre-fab orthodics due to her aching flat feet). We showed up, I gave her the instructions to listen to her Coach, and went to sit in the lobby with Zane (who can play a mean game of Tic-Tac-Toe).

She finished the class with a smile on her face. And a very hungry stomach.

As we chatted last night before bed, she shared that she was proud that she is now a Girl on the Run. It's not often she'll communicate verbally about something personal of which she is proud. So, even though the words were few, they were packed with depth.

Oh, the places you will go . . .

Reading and running.


Two of my favorite things.

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