Thursday, March 18, 2010

Be Still Zane's Heart

"Zane you need to get ready to go. Get your shoes on. Your friend Emilie is coming to pick you up. Who is Emilie?"

"Emilie? Oh, she's my girlfriend."

And with this exchange, as recounted to me by a friend of mine who was the first recipient of the news that Zane had a girlfriend, spring has sprung. Love is in the air. Cupids arrows have struck.

Only, don't talk about it around the other boys in Zane's class, for "they tease anyone who has a girlfriend." Shhh.

Ok, son. Mum's the word.

Let me warn you, however. A woman, very close to your heart, and looking a lot like, well, me, once told a man the very same thing. "Ok, we'll try this out. But how about not announcing it all over the place. Let's keep things cool and quiet, ok?"

I married him.

So begins the tale of Zane and the first little lady who has won his heart - other than Mom.

He is protective. Chivalrous.


Our fair maiden: "There is a boy in class who is pushing me."

"I'LL TEACH HIM A LESSON!" barks her Prince Charming.

"Zane is so silly", I share with the said object of son's affection.

"Zane is so strong!” she quips in reply.

This is by no means the first time my son has taken a liking to a fine looking lady's face, for we have often noticed his affinity for older girls, you know of 11 or 12. And true to form, in this case, his latest crush is a year older than our 5 year old lady killer.

Only this time? The feeling is, well, kind of mutual.

But what boy wouldn't love a 6 year old girl who digs Spiderman and molding flubber into the shape of dino livers after a recent hunt and capture of the most evil carnivore? And what girl wouldn't love a 5 year old boy who digs trampoline's and burping contests over a refreshing cherry Italian soda?

It's a match made in Beaver.

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FromTheInsideOut said...

Could you hear that?
So sweet!