Saturday, October 17, 2009

Um . . .

My "rockstar" daughter was needing some blue and orange hairspray to add to her rocker Halloween costume, so we popped into Walgreen's last night.

Yes, I realize Halloween is still a few weeks away, but the vision of John Hughes must reign in Beaver because it's huge around here. In fact, she had the option of wearing her costume to a junior youth group program at a local church just last night. Plus, we've got the Halloween Hop (trick or treating at the local businesses) next weekend, a Halloween Parade the Wednesday before Halloween, and then, of course, the actual Halloween/trick or treating event.

It's a lot of Halloween.

Let me add that our family doesn't actually celebrate Halloween as much as we just endure it. It is my least favorite "holiday". I don't love the emphasis on haunted houses, death, evil, witches, and all the typical ghoulish displays. However, I am not so extreme as to think that the entire day should be banned or ignored by Christian families because, in my heart, that would be denying that my God is stronger than anything evil. Ok, I could really get into that whole debate here, but I really don't care to do so, and that's not really what this post is about anyway.

This is about something much more important.


So, as we hit the check-out with a few bottles of colored hairspray in hand, the gal behind the counter offers, "Hey, if you really want to experience the best trick or treating, go down to Beaver. The houses by the river. Those people give away full-sized bars!"

Beaver. Houses by the river. Full-sized bars.

I live down in Beaver. My house is a block off the river. I can not afford full-sized bars.

I'm banking on the fact that she was referring to the larger houses on River Road - similar to those houses back in Evanston that gave away full-sized bars.

Being a "cake-eater" sure is difficult.

Well folks, I hate to disappoint, but we'll be going "old school" with the whole gluttonous candy orgy this year. Bite-size and "fun-size" is all you'll find here.

I'm positive there won't be too many complaints.

Geez, this whole post reminds me that my entire family needs to see the dentist.


thecurryseven said...

OK, this could explain the obscene amounts of trick-or-treaters we get in my neighborhood. I seriously think children are bused in. Every year I buy a huge (in my mind)amount of candy (tiny size only) and every year, after carefully doling it out, I run out. I must be a terrific disappointment to all the children who look at my house and think candy nirvana awaits. I need a term for a disliker of Halloween along the lines of Scrooge=a person down on Christmas.


Stace said...

Our family is in complete agreement with your assessment of Halloween. It really is about the candy and fun of dressing up. We have a similar dislike for the "dark side" of Halloween!