Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Really Me!

Do not adjust your computer.

This is indeed the page you are seeking.

Cuppa Jo has needed a face lift, and will be under minor repair for the next few weeks, as I dabble in learning html code.

I'll still be writing. I'll still be sharing tidbits about the incredible adventures of Harper and Zane (you realize, however, that my stories about them are not really for you, the reader, but rather for me, so that I can save them for memory - as my memory seems to be developing some blank spots these days. Too much caffeine?)

While under construction, I'll continue to share what I like to call, my "caffeinions", about anything and everything.

And yes, I'll promote my Mary Kay business.

All the goods will be in place. Only they will look a little different. Please be patient with my tinkering. And, if you are one of those types who can create a creative blog template with their eyes closed (Andrew), please offer me some suggestions. You know, like step by step instructions on how to turn this blog into a site with multiple pages for multiple topics (Andrew).

A girl can dream.

And if you read here often, please be so kind as to let me know by either commenting, or signing up to follow my blog, and by subscribing to my feed. See, to a former actress, these simple actions are equal to that of applause. And everyone needs a little applause. In fact, I'm clapping for you right now.

Standing O to Andrew Bernstein for the photo, taken in Michigan, I believe, while on vacation with his family this summer. Thanks for thinking of me.

(Now if you could only redesign this site to have multiple pages, I'd really think you were something . . . wink, wink.)

Coffee's on!


Julie Bernstein said...

Like the new design!

Anonymous said...


How does one sign up to follow your blog or subscribe. I want to do so - yet am a little unsure of how to do that but I love to appauld you in the cyberworld.

You are great!


Cuppa Jo said...

Yeah, EL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read up on RSS here:

I would suggest creating a google account so that you can subscribe to my blog and read it on google reader. This way, all you do is go to google reader and it automatically shows you if I've posted anything new.

Also, click the "follow" button. If you have the google account, you can just sign up to be a follower also!


Cuppa Jo said...

there are still some glitches that I will have to fix in code - font sizing, maybe some color stuff, but I do like this 3 column style much better than my last one.

How proud are you that I found a template and switched things around without you holding my hand!