Sunday, October 18, 2009


In preparation for the Spirit of Pittsburgh Half-Marathon, I ran my 10 miler last weekend.

Before I took off, however, I created my Happy and Healthy Half-Marathon play list - 2 hours and 30 minutes of the songs that keep me moving.

As a former dancer, I can't ignore a tempo when I move, so some of my favorite songs, while fantastic, had to be removed because of the slower tempo factor. For example, I adore Falling Slowly, but on a run? Nope. I'd adjust to the tempo and slow down. Sorry, but you didn't make the cut for this race.

I have stocked my race play list with songs that either have a tempo with which I can actually keep pace, or songs that are even faster than I can handle - tempos that I can't even possibly keep up with. Just to tease me and challenge me.

With my ipod set on shuffle, I always find it interesting which songs miraculously play while running through certain parts of town. During this run, I had a 3 mile loop in the cemetery. What better place for Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Crusade to show up? Nothing like a little "Jesus Is My Help" when I've still got 5 miles to go. Go ahead. Click the link.

Listen to this group and you too will believe you can run a half marathon.

Then there's Toby Mac. Ok, yeah, so I've got a bit of a Christian school-girl crush on the boy and have since the DC Talk Heavenbound days. But, come on, there's nothing like running through a graveyard while listening to "I Was Made To Love You".

The irony of "runshipping" through a cemetery isn't lost on me. What a place to remember that if I drop dead right now, I will be lifted up to meet Jesus.

I was breathing fine, however, so while I didn't really have a fear that my long run would take me out, it was cool to remember that in the end, at least for me, death actually loses.

So on the secular end of things, I also have the typical endurance pushers sung by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, a little Madonna, New Radicals, some Kinks, and even one little ditty by Elvis. I'm pretty eclectic. But how funny was it when upon exiting the cemetery, knowing that I still had 4 miles to go, I hear THIS.

That darn shuffle option can be so hilarious.

Race is Sunday. Wonder what will play when I pass Heinz Field? Or cross one of the bazillion bridges I'll be crossing. Or while I'm scaling some ridiculous Pittsburgh incline? And thankfully cruising back down?

Your turn. Throw me some song suggestions for the Half-Marathon!


Amy said...

no country? :)

Cuppa Jo said...

Bahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Oh, you!

Jason said...

I'm always in awe of the coincidences that come up when my IPod is on shuffle - especially since I have over 12,000 songs on there. The weirdest by far was I was sitting on the train doing a crossword and the clue was _ Robinson. As I put pen to paper to start writing in "Mrs.", the song came up on my Ipod.

God has a sense of humor and time on His hands.

Cuppa Jo said...

Jason! That's what I'm talking about. Those songs that play during specific moments throughout the day which make it seem as if ones life is a film, and the music, the soundtrack.

Crazy, right?