Monday, October 26, 2009

The Best Nest

In my Former Home, sushi was as mainstream to us as McDonald's. More likely you would find me out on a lunch date with my son at Dozika, than at Micky D's - well, that is until the stress of the sale took over my entire body and all I could do was gorge myself on its greasy goodness.

In my New Home, I had the joy of eating at Yama today. Beaver's new Japanese Restaurant has been teasing its residents with the "Opening Soon" sign for an entire year. During our visit to Beaver last October, it was Yama's "Opening Soon" sign that helped me to visualize my living here. Today, Zane gleefully downed two bowls of miso and half a California roll. I had miso, seaweed salad, and a salmon skin maki roll. And tea. I felt right at home.

I'm still waiting on a Pita Inn franchise to break ground. Seriously, say "falafel" around here and you're bound to get a thoughtful "God bless you" and a tissue handed to you in response. I'm not sneezing, everyone, just hungry for some middle eastern fare. Oh, where or where is the kibbeh and the shwarma when you crave it?

In my Former Home, you were a number in a coffee shop. One of many, except maybe at Peet's where they may have known your name. Sure there were other exceptions, but coffee shops lined the streets like parking meters and I never really found my cozy place after George left Newport Coffee House back in 1999. That placed was the "Cheers" of coffee, and my first writing space. Many personal journals were finished cover to cover in that place.

In my New Home, I've learned that the owner of Beaver's own Cafe Kolache has perused my blog and now knows that while I stop in there for a cuppa, my beans come from the micro-roasterie one town over. Awkward? Nah. I like Kolache and truly believe that one day I will pen something really great while sitting there.

Only, in order to do so I have to actually visit the place by myself without the under 5 crowd hanging on my leg asking if the owner can make him the "blood and bones" drink.

In my Former Home, the cost of yoga classes were inconceivable, with some drop-in rates running anywhere from $15-17 per class.

In my New Home, Three Rivers Yoga Institute has just opened their second Pittsburgh location two doors down from Kolache sporting a drop-in rate of $10. Or a monthly pass for $75. With other Fall specials available, practicing yoga has just gotten more affordable. Then there is $5 yoga at DCI, in the mall. Mondays from 6:30-8 and Wednesdays from 7-8:30 - in case you are interested. I sent my husband to Three Rivers tonight. No charge for his first class. He's hooked. Most definitely going to make a habit of utilizing both of these blessings.

Now if we can just pawn the kids off to someone one or two nights a week we could possibly take yoga together.

In my Former Home I taught music, coached kids, sold Mary Kay, and wrote sporadically for a PR firm.

In my New Home, I volunteer at Zane's school, volunteer at Harper's school, sell Mary Kay, and am becoming more proactive everyday about submitting articles and finding a paying home for my dribblings.

And who knows? Mommy may just reactivate that SAG card in the next 3 years. Long term thinking, I know, but at least I'm dreaming for myself.

In our Former Home, my daughter was enrolled at Lincolnwood Elementary School and attended classes there.

In our New Home, my daughter is enrolled at Dutch Ridge Elementary and attends classes there. Only, our former school district still believes Harper is a student at Lincolnwood School. Apparently, according to their records, she still attends her old school and has even been marked present on several days, and absent on September 1 and 8 specifically. Funny, cause, see, we never registered her with District 65 for the current school year, nor did we pay school fees, and we moved, out of state, on the last day of school back in June. The district even forwarded all her records to the Beaver School District. Her current grades in Evanston must look terrible!

In our Former Home, I had a group of friends on whom I could rely for prayer and help.

In my New Home, I have a group of friends on whom I can rely for prayer and help.

Sure, these two places are radically different from one another. Emphasis on "different". One is not better. One is not worse. Just different.

My Former Home was nice.

My New Home is nice.

Gotta be where you be. You know?

All present and accounted for.

Got that, Evanston District 65?


thecurryseven said...

So, do you suppose Dist. 65 is collecting money for Harper's empty seat? You just gotta wonder...

Cuppa Jo said...

Wouldn't surprise me!