Monday, October 5, 2009

Da Boss is Da Bomb

Way to go Gymboss.

Contrary to how I may come across in certain posts where I slam customer service, I do not follow the adage, "The customer is always right."

I do, however, have the expectation that a business, store, or restaurant, should try to do everything they can, within reason, to both satisfy and keep a customer.

I also believe that true old fashioned customer service has suffered in our electronic age. More often than not, when calling a company, the customer "speaks" to a recorded voice through a number of prompts before reaching an actual person, if at all.

When faced with this, I usually remedy the lack of human interaction by pressing "0" over and over and over until the recorded voice gets the impression that I don't understand what it's saying and thus has no choice but to hand me over to a real person.

However, I was GREATLY pleased with my recent electronic interaction with Ellen over at Gymboss.

Gymboss? What is it?

Gymboss is an essential training tool for my running discipline. As a Gallowayer, I rely upon my Gymboss timer to alert me to my intervals during my run/walks. I'm so not interested in getting into a debate with you as to whether I can call myself a true runner since I follow a run/walk interval. Whatever. Save it.

Using Galloway's method has resulted in a decrease in the aches and pains that I have experienced in the past. And I have real reason to have pain, folks, as I've got extra bones in my feet and must rely upon some pretty heavy duty orthodics that were cast for me years ago.

Galloway's method has also helped me to decrease my minute per mile.

I returned to running after a 4 year hiatus only to find my 5K time at 10:50/mile. Upon embracing Galloway's method, my 5K time dropped to a 10:30/mile. And then, to my shock, at this past weekend's 10K, my time dropped to a 10:20/mile.

I've even posted a 9:50/mile this summer. The method works.

Now, this is a far cry from where I was in 2000 when I clocked my fastest time ever for 3 miles. 28.14. I had just found out I was pregnant with Harper. The adrenaline kicked in and I took off.

Haven't seen that time since.

So, when my Gymboss jammed the other day, I panicked. I needed to adjust my interval, but with a jammed button, I couldn't do so. This may not seem like a desperate situation, as I could just get another one. Only, I'm in the last month of training for a half marathon, and I rely on it. I need it. NOW. The race is November 1. Training without it would really hamper my progress, as would continually checking my watch during 2 hours of running. My little Gymboss friend alleviates the need to check my watch at any time. Beep. Run 3 minutes. Beep. Walk 1 minute. No thought. No math.

So I emailed Gymboss on Saturday, explaining the timing of my situation. My 3o day warranty is up, but I really didn't want to drop another $20 on a new one. I explained in my email that I wanted to get the gadget repaired pronto or get a new one just as quickly if it couldn't be fixed, and fully intended in calling them today, to follow up, as I was sure I wouldn't hear back.

First thing this morning I received this email:
I am putting a replacement timer in the mail to you today. There will be a postage paid envelope to return the defective timer. Ellen

No need to email a second time. No need to call. No need to explain and fight for a new timer. The company read my email, and immediately popped a new timer into the mail.

See, it really can be that easy. Isn't it really just the company's choice as to whether they want to provide stellar service?

Me: 1 minute email. Them: 30 second response.

No pain. Quick turnaround. Nice method of doing business, Gymboss.

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