Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Workin' 9 to 5

If ever there was a photo that had absolutely nothing to do with my blog post, this would be it.

Funny movie - and now a musical.

But, nope. It actually serves no real purpose here.

I now have a 9 year old and a 5 year old. OK, therein lies the only similarity between me and this promotional photo for the film.

Moving on.

I have a 9 year old and a 5 year old. Did I already mention that?

I know parents say this all the time as their children grow older, but "I can hardly believe it." Call me cliche. I'm stunned. When did this happen?

I can't stand cliches, so now this post is making me sick. Cliches are only uttered when one knows not what to say. They are pure conversation fillers for dead air. I find them mindless and thoughtless and I can't stand them. And yet, here I am, spitting them up all over the screen.

However, when it comes to my children, MY children, my sentiments aren't cliche. I really am shocked at their development. I look at photographs of Harper from only a year ago and still see the chubbiness in the cheeks of my little wisp of a girl. Now she's all pencil thin, with long legs (that are obviously not mine). She's got a style all her own, dressing all funky-chick-like with the jeans and the Ugg's (hand-me-down Ugg's. Please, like I'd really drop full-price coin on those) and we have even started experiencing, as the Supernanny phrases it, "backchat" from that sweet mouth. Which is far from lovely, I know. But, rest assured, she is disciplined without hesitation each time the words leave her mouth. Not sure when that girl will be allowed back on the Wii. Mom doesn't hand out idle threats. She'd be wise to learn this.

Zane is all, "I can do it myself", which is especially true in the bathroom - thanks to the good Lord and his Doc. I needed to enlist the help of his Doc at Zane's 5 year check-up to convince him that "all the doctor books" state that 5 year old boys can indeed wipe themselves. Doc completely played along with me, and thus, Zane is now set for Kindergarten. He still hasn't lost his love of snuggling, but he has told me, quite emphatically, that I may not kiss him in front of his friends. While I can still scoop him up into a little ball and kiss him all over while we're alone - which he relishes - I know that time isn't on my side anymore. For how is it, and why is it that Zane has learned various pieces of trivia, such as that one should never lift their middle finger?

Hey, I can't regulate everyone else's children. Or their parents.

So, I resort to cliches.

We are entering those years where we will be having to discuss foul language, sex, cheating, body image, drugs . . . you name it. It's coming. To this theater.

And while I boldly state here that I am not scared to engage in these conversations, I have some worry/fear that my kids won't come to me to discuss these topics. However, the difference between my childhood and Harper and Zane's is that I am surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses" for Christ. My children are honored to have relationships with adult believer's, who, if need be, they can talk to during those moments when they despise their parents.

Yes, it will happen. I am fully confident that I will hit a hic-cup with my kids. I pray that this would not be the case, but, just in case, I am also working towards developing their trust of my friends - other mother's who they deem "cool". And more importantly, who walk with Jesus, and thus, are cool in my eyes as well.

So, while now, I am workin' 9 to 5, those ages will change. In a blink of an eye, (cliche - shudder), 9 and 5 will be 12 and 8. 15 and 11.

But, I don't work alone, people. Walking with Christ isn't a solo position. Nope. George and I may be the project managers of Team Atkins, but we're enlisting the help of our support staff. That doesn't mean that I'll ask M to do the sex talk. She'd faint (jajajajajaja). I won't delegate out the huge tasks. But I do think there is something to be said about working together to raise our children - especially when all of us (at least in my circle) desire to nurture and build up children who love God and love others.

So, you're hired. (You know who you are.)

Clock in.

I'll take a shift for you also.


Joseph said...

Just thinking the other day about the talks I need to have with Haley before she enters middle school next year. The language she's going to hear, topics, slang talk, etc....

I'll let you know how it goes!

FromTheInsideOut said...

Now that Carly is 5 she spent 2 nights at Grandma's house. I picked her up yesterday after M2M. I'm still dumbstruck over it. She's 5. Isn't that officially a kid? I'm still trying to block out the topics of class yesterday.

Cuppa Jo said...

Joe, let me know what you tell her!

FromTheInsideOut: nonononono burying your head in the sand. We'll wade these waters together!