Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where It All Happens

Well, I'm either a wimp or just really want to keep my fingers and toes.

The attic was freezing.

So, I moved.

As the winter months breezed right through the plaster walls of our 100 year old house, I realized that my dream of the attic space was not to be. Actually, it was George who upon first seeing the house claimed the attic just for me. As my office. Not to shut me away.

I think.

But, alas, that was not to be.

And boy am I glad.


Before moving, the cool temps of the third floor forced me to take up residence at the dining room table, and then the secretary desk that a friend graciously gave me - which Harper has taken a liking to for homework, and I continue to use for opening mail, writing thanks-you cards (LOL) and such.

However, both of these options just didn't work to serve as a full-on office.

Now, on the second floor, I can hear all the way down to the basement. The kids can sit next to me on the desktop while I work on the laptop, as I do not allow them on the computer unsupervised.  I can choose to shut my door.  If I don't want to, I'm not stuck being isolated up in the tower. 

It's a cozier set up for the whole family.  Mom is more present and yet still has her own territory.

Thought you might want to see it.  At least the work space.  While it's neat.

The other side of the room houses the guest quarters.  I'm going to fill the wall over the bed with art I've been craving from Etsy.  A bulletin board is tucked behind the door (they can get oh so messy) and is divided between personal/writing/Mary Kay. 

I feel very settled in here.  And I love, love, love, that my NEW and IMPROVED office, is not as secluded as the attic space was.

Nor will it give me frostbite.


Jason said...

It won't be long before Harper will be needing the attic for hiding rival school mascots.

Debbie said...

Joline, it looks FABULOUS! Congrats to you! Maybe now I'll be inspired to tackle the clutter in my "office." It will take me a while, though...