Monday, January 4, 2010

Free As A Bird

I have spent years harboring an internal jealousy of early birds.

You know, those birds of a feather that flock together and rise from their slumber an hour before the children to do their morning devotions, exercise, and plan out the day. Those amazing mother hens who manage to prep dinner and get in a shower before gently shaking the kids awake.

I am done with the pressure.

Over. It.

I'm not going to hen peck myself any longer.

This owl is finally giving up her quest to join the roosters and is finally admitting that one bird is not necessarily better than the other - as I always assumed. For doesn't it seem that the night owl always gets the rebuke over the early bird who is praised for being so industrious at dawn?

Waking early has some sort of badge of honor attached to it. There is an awe that surrounds the early riser. And while I do admire the commitment and discipline it takes to rise before the sun, I'm not going to lay the guilt on myself any longer for failing to wake at the crack of dawn.

For here I sit, at 9:00 AM, having woken at the respectable hour of 7:15. I made the kids an awesome breakfast at 7:30, put some laundry in, made my bed, and am dressed for my morning workout. Sure I could have done all this an hour earlier, but, why? Perhaps I'll need to do so when my kids begin high school and have to be up and out earlier, but, for now? Why?

Rewind to last night. I had a surge of energy around 7:30 PM, at which time, I helped both kids straighten their bedrooms, and then snuggled in bed to read with them before heading downstairs to do some planning for Zane's birthday, write a piece for The Bridge, and make a list of "to do's" for the first Monday after winter break. Then, I hopped in bed around 12:30 AM and read for a little bit before dozing off.

So really, why must I continue my failed attempts at defecting to the likes of the roosters? Why must there be this competition in my mind between night owls and roosters/early birds?

Why must I harbor this pressure when my clock that seems to be working just fine?

I have a dear friend who is down for the count by 9:00 PM. And this is NOT just because she is a busy wife and mother who also holds down a job during the day. Nope. She was like this in college also, hopping into bed by 9:30 PM while the rest of the floor in our dorm continued on into the night for hours.

This works for her, and my night owl clock works for me.

So go ahead and get your worm, or whatever, and cockle-doodle-doo your vocal chords to oblivion every morning. I'll gladly embrace the night shift in our house and will celebrate the productivity that unleashes itself within me while the sun dozes.


FromTheInsideOut said...

I am SO with you! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there.

I'm still slightly envious of those mom's out there that have their day halfway finished by breakfast- but hey, time to accept me as I am!

Right? Another pep-talk needed maybe.

Anonymous said...

Night owls of the world unite!! It's so liberating to realize there are people like us everywhere and we all really are okay. If He made nocturnal animals He can make nocturnal mommies :-) Great post.

Chacoy said...

I am totally groggaly{if that's a word} agreeing with you!
I L-O-V-E my sleep and if my son has to eat lunch at school for one day it's not going to kill him;}
Following you from The MamaZone!

Cuppa Jo said...

Chacoy, love having you. Thanks for following.

Gotta love hot lunch at school at least one or two days a week, as this mama can't think about a healthy lunch in the morning, and although I aspire to make lunches at night, it just doesn't happen.


Becca said...

Hiya, I'm here to follow your blog from The Mama Zone. I really feel like half of the people are early birds and the other half are night owls...otherwise life would be over-crowded lol

Do what works for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok ok, I'm one of the early birds, but I think I keep trying to become a night owl. I don't think I'll ever be able to do schoolwork until the late hours of the night though!

JosiahsMommy said...

I love the blog! I'm now following you from your linky on Mama Zone. Feel free to follow me back!

mellisarock said...

I'm with ya here-- you can do the same planning the night before...I would much rather sleep in!!

I am stopping by from The Mama Zone- want more follower's and I am now following! :)

Cuppa Jo said...

Bluewhitelife, JosiahsMommy, and mellissarock, thanks for reading and following!

Joe @ 20 To Life said...

Hi there, I'm following you from The Mama Zone, I can almost SMELL the aroma of coffee when I saw your blog pic. I had to give up ALL my caffine when I was diagnosed with a certain disease. *sigh*
Ahh well, Have a cup for me next time ;)