Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Come On, You Know You Want To . . .

nominate me.

Me, little known blogger, who does a heck of a lot of rambling about parenting, children, and, well, ok, other stuff, while jacked up on coffee.

You've been reading. I know you have.

I have Google Analytics.

So, why not give me some props, yo?


Check out the contest here. Be forewarned. You're going to have to write something nice about me.

Here's the scoop directly from the link - but you've got to go to the link to make it happen for me.

Question: What is Your Favorite Parenting Blog?
Do you prefer a blog that gives savvy parenting advice? Or would you rather read a blog that feels like you're sharing stories with a close friend? (UM, THAT'S ME!) Do you like the popular blogging sites, or have you discovered a great little-known blogger? (UM, HI. YEAH. ME, AGAIN!)

We want to know which parenting blog is your favorite and why. Can't decide? Nominate a couple of faves. We're taking nominations for the best blogs from January 1, 2010 through January 24, 2010. Voting takes place in February with the Reader's Choice winner announced March 1.

Answer: A Great Parenting Blog, whether written by moms, dads or both, is one that speaks to the reader. We invite you to nominate your favorite parenting blogs for this award. In this case, we're looking for blogs that:

•are written by a parent, primarily about being a parent, parenting and family life (CHECK)
•have meaningful content (SURE. YEAH.)
•are updated regularly (I THINK SO, BUT DON'T ASK MY NEIGHBORS. WINK!)

How to Nominate: Favorite Parenting Blog

Between January 1 and January 24, 2010, use the form (link below) to nominate your favorite parenting blog. Place the name of the blog in the subject. In the text area, include the url and an explanation of why this blog is your favorite. The form has a 50 character minimum. Do not hesitate to nominate blogs that have already been nominated by others. Multiple nominations increase the chances that your choice will make it into the finalist round for voting.

Once nominations are closed, a panel of parents will select 5 finalists to move on to the voting stage. Finalists will be selected from blogs that meet the above guidelines. While the number of nominations for a particular blog will be a factor, it is not the only criteria. We recognize that the best blog might be one that is a hidden gem.

Voting will take place between February 1 and February 24, 2010. Winners will be announced on March 1.

Nominate me here.

Thank you.

I'd love to bribe you with a giveaway, but I trust you will nominate me on my merit alone, and not for my Mary Kay wares.

Although, if I win . . .

Lipstick for everyone!


Happy nominating!

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