Friday, January 22, 2010

Get the Lead Out!

You know me by now.

I like a deal.

I'm not cheap, but I like a deal.

Salvation Army and Goodwill are treasure storehouses.

Lower your nose . . . if you wanna be all snooty-pants, then fine. I'll take Ann Taylor for $2.99. You can go and pay a gazillion dollars.

More for me.

Harper turned 9 today. All she wanted was a cover for her tennis racket.

On Tuesday, I realized . . . it's Tuesday. Her birthday is Friday. I live in Beaver.

What does that have to do with anything, you ask?

1. I've left no time to have something shipped
2. Beaver has ONE sporting goods store. Dick's Sporting Goods.

Sure, I could climb Freedom Road and make my way to Cranberry, or run down to Robinson (although I'm not even sure what other sporting goods stores are in those locations). But, I don't have the time in my day to do this. And, I forgot to google, so now I have one store in which to shop.

I get to Dick's only to find that they have no racket covers for purchase. There are covers that come with rackets, but having just bought her one a few months back, this wasn't an option.

Wait. Hers didn't come with a complimentary cover. Hmmm.

"Um, excuse me. We purchased a junior racket for my daughter and few months back. Hers didn't come with a cover. Any chance I can just purchase one of the adult covers that come with some of the other rackets?"

"No. I don't think we could do that. Sorry."

Oh, buddy. A simple "no" isn't going to stop the likes of me.

"Can I talk with a manager?"

Time for the story - keep it real, though. Not to sappy or desperate.

"My daughter turns 9 on Friday and is having a tennis party. All she wants is a cover and as you know, there are no other sporting goods stores in Beaver. You are the only game in town. Hoping you can help me out"

"Well, I don't have any covers for junior rackets. They were recalled for lead. So that's why she didn't get one when you got your racket."

Oh, China.

"So, technically, she should have gotten a complimentary cover with the racket, right?"

With that, he grabbed a few covers off the wall and began matching them up with the racket that we already owned.

"Let's take this one up to the check-out."

Figuring he was going to charge me, I set my price at $10, for he had in his hand what could be considered "top of the line" as complimentary covers go, plus it was larger than a junior racket. And, since I had planned on paying more anyway (had I properly googled), I figured $10 was a good buy. I really didn't want to pay more for this simple, black, padded one. However, I literally had nothing else planned in terms of a birthday gift, so I was praying that I'd get a fair price.

He walked me through check-out and then handed me the cover.

"Happy Birthday to your daughter."

"How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing. Hope she has a fun party."


"No problem."

It was the right thing to do, but I was still surprised, seeing as we were in a "big box" sports store. I was also surprised because for a complimentary cover it fits the whole racket, (not just the head), and is padded, with a strap.

China, you must, must, must, stop it with the lead in children's toys and gear. You're going to get yourself a reputation.

Although this time, your blunder worked in my favor.

Thanks Dick's for the perfect gift for my 9 year old.

Forget the almost 30 hours of labor and c-section. That's all behind me now. I fought hard. And just look at my dazzling, precious, priceless prize.

And now, that prize has a cover for her racket.


Angie said...

Yay! Way to go Mom!

FromTheInsideOut said...

Big Kudos to Dicks! and a happy, happy birthday to Harper!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Harper. Enjoy your new racket cover, and be sure your mom posts pictures of your party so we can see it.

amy said...

Dicks is good people! Our church organist is the admin to the president and ceo of the company - they are headquartered in Robinson and will soon be moving to a brand new office complex by the airport because they've grown so - it has an NBA regulation bb court. So I'm not surprised. Just remember when googling them it's Dicks SPORTING GOODS - otherwise you're goin' a whole nother direction ;)

Cuppa Jo said...

Thanks everyone!!!!!! I am so excited for her party this evening!

karen said...

Lol! Love it! Happy birthday to Harper!

Anonymous said...

Glad it all worked out. Way to persist!

Joseph said...

Yet another "only happens to you" event!