Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check. Check. Check. Check.

I am having one of those days.

No, not one of those days.

Those days.

The opposite of those days.

Today was one of those days where I have accomplished everything on my list. Seriously. Everything.

So, this might be a pretty boring post for you, but in honor and celebration of my day, I'm going to rehash how it has gone thus far - as it is only 3:45 PM. If things have gone this well up until now, I can only assume the last part of the day will be just as satisfying.

I woke at my usual 7:30, having gone to bed in my workout clothes. Yes, that's right. Instead of pajamas I dressed in my workout clothes so that upon waking I'd be ready to meet with Jillian. Call me crazy, but it worked. I exercised today.

Did you?

Ok, so I didn't work out right away, but instead went into a cleaning frenzy, the likes of which shocked my husband. The kitchen. The bedrooms. The bathroom. Living room. Dining room. No room was safe.

Honesty, I've been organizing like a nut so that my house will be ready to bring in someone to do a deep clean on the joint. Not a regular thing, (although I wish), but a New Year's super scrub. We never really hit every nook and cranny when we moved in, (note to self: if I ever purchase another home, have it cleaned before moving in personal belonging), so now, 6 months in, I feel like I need a professional to do some serious domestic magic.

After the cleaning marathon, my neighbor with the "great eye" came by to take a look at the new office/guest room and offer suggestions, gave me some new ideas for the bathroom, shared with me a brilliant brainstorm for the kitchen, and once again helped me to see the beauty that can be found in my old home.

She took off and UPS showed up - with my new Moleskine pocket notebook that I will be using as my 2010 prayer diary designated exclusively to help me lift up George, Harper, and Zane. So, I sat down and did. The book is devoted solely to praying for them. Everyday. My prayer life has never been strong. I'm kickin' that.

I read the paper.

I prepped dinner.

And yes, I did keep my date with Jillian, who, via Wii, told me that I "was wasting her time". I pushed a bit harder and got the pat on the back I needed. Sure, this portion of the day happened several hours later than intended. But that's not the point.

I Mary Kay'd.

I'm blogging right now.

Let's see if a few more items on my list will actually happen tonight.

If only Glee wasn't a rerun tonight. It would have made for the perfect Wednesday.


Becca said...

Wowee, sounds like a very productive day!

karen said...

Send a little of that my way! I need it! Lol. ;)