Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nativity: Music by Zane Atkins

If I could record him, I would.

Sure, I could video-blog, but I've just not had the heart to interrupt my little John Williams while he's in session.

So you will just have to use your imagination.

Picture a nativity set made of olive wood and a 4 year old boy with a love for action and adventure stories such as Star Wars, Superfriends, and, well, as of 5 minutes ago, Prince Caspian - which, yes, we read together, prior to viewing the film. Come on! You know my drill!

As all the characters surround the baby Jesus in the manger, Zane's score begins. The piece is full of action, with a hint of mystery. His humming and "da, da, da's" have a quick tempo and the rhythm is not one I can repeat, because, well, only the composer knows where he's going with this piece. But one thing is for certain. If Zane's score, which he is creating on the spot while the character's surround Jesus, is meant to move the scene forward, then it has been successful. For the tune conveys urgency. It is thrilling and exciting. Heart-pumping.

The Nativity: the ultimate film for thrill-seekers.

Well, in Zane's mind.

Come to think about it, I think he has it right.

For isn't the Nativity story just that? Action-packed? Thrilling? Wondrous? Mysterious? Dangerous? (Jump in here. It's your turn to add an adjective.)

Unfortunately, after it all played out, Joseph was missing an arm. But really, what's a lost limb when your kid is the Son of God?

All this, from my boy, who recently declared the Christmas music ringing from the Beaver clock tower as "creepy and delicious."

The electronic bells being the creepy part, and Christmas being the delicious part.

I think he got that right also.


FromTheInsideOut said...

Spectacular! I hope my imagination did it justice :)

Bianca said...

nice english :D

Lady Jen said...

Loved your post at Blissful Domestic! I wrote about my experience with fitness and my kids here:

They are too funny! said...

"Creepy and delicious". I love that! What a marvelous way to sum it all up. That is so quotable for years to come. Seriously, I may have to steal that.

So, Cuppa Jo, so fun to find you! Thanks for finding me. I'm looking forward to more Zaneisms.

Kudos to you.

The Green Mama