Monday, December 7, 2009

Any Progress?

Thanks for asking.

I've been on the writing journey for a good long time now, perhaps prompting you, the reader, to ask, "Are you writing anywhere else other than this blog?"


I am now a staff writer for The Bridge, a local publication. Website in the works.

I am back on the wagon over at Blissfully Domestic, writing primarily on the topic of Family. Although my editor has given me the thumbs up to expand into other areas of the online site.

I am guest posting this month over at The Mama Zone.

I have been given the thumb's up and am planning on guest posting over at Pittsburgh Mom.

I am submitting regularly to online publications.

I am working on compiling and organizing all my scribbles from that revelatory weekend where I began to work on an actual book. I don't work on it everyday, and desperately need to set up some type of system to help me stay on board with this one.

Sadly, I have not been well organized in checking in with publications (print, rather than online), querying them, and being persistent in offering my work to them. The homework of doing so overwhelms me.

Admittedly, I think part of me would really like for someone to just find me and offer me a monthly column somewhere. Kind of like that time when a director contacted me and said, "I want you to place Lucy in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." No audition. But, alas, that's not how it works. I know.

Why am I telling you all this? Because you've encouraged me to keep at it. Because sharing my progress is a means of accountability. Because writing is a means of relaxation for me, and today has been a particularly weighted and taxing morning. Because I like to talk about myself.

So, here I am. Plugging along.

Albeit happily.

2 comments: said...

You go! What a great journey to be on. I pray God gives you the words and the peace and the patience to see your words into print someday. It's a long road but such a good journey eh? I've been enjoying your blog. Thanks for what you write.
Tracey Bianchi

karen said...

If you haven't yet, you might want to register as a writer at it puts you in touch with companies wanting free lance jobs. It might not lead to anything...but you never know. :)