Saturday, December 26, 2009

MGSoft-net, You Had Me At Hello

So I'm not one of those bloggers who reviews products as a norm. It's not the focus of this little cyber coffee house.

I am, however, all about sharing my opinion over a cuppa, and thus I can not wait any longer to give some major props to a business here in good 'ole Mayberry.

I committed a major "no no" when I first aquired this laptop from a friend back in Evanston who had upgraded. The computer did not have a virus protector installed and even though I knew that it was so very important to have one, I procrastinated and procrastinated until the inevitable happened.

18 viruses later, I packed up a bloggers best friend and went over to MGSoft-Net to drop off my sick buddy.

It was touch and go for about 2 weeks while the good docs tried to do everything they could to save my data. I'll spare you the gory details. Some days were promising. Others? Not so much.

After almost 14 days of sheer worry, I am happy to report that, in the end, I lost absolutely NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING.

All data present and accounted for.

Virus protector installed.

Applause for yet another Beaver small business.

And although my new friends at MGSoft-Net had my machine for almost two weeks (due to a deluge of virus attacks on the computers of other customers, plus the need to extract everything from my harddrive, as well as uninstall and reinstall the entire system), I was charged for only two hours of labor.


"We can't charge you for having your computer for days. Many times we would start a process on it and walk away to work on another project. Actual labor time was only two hours."

Can you say HONEST?

I know, you are thinking, "If it only took two hours, why did they have it so long?" Apparently, my case caused some head scratchin' in order to save my data (specifically my MK database and customer files) and so they made several attempts to do so without having to wipe the entire memory.

They also called me several times over those two weeks to give me updates, ask about certain programs, discuss my options, etc. Discussions went from, "We have some bad news" to "I think we've saved everything."

It was like having a really good primary care physician.

I highly recommed them.

I could have lost all my data and needed an entirely new PC. Instead, I spent hardly anything and have a "brand new" machine. I will totally be calling these guys to overall our 9 year old desktop.

Thanks MGSoft-Net. This blog is for you.

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