Thursday, December 17, 2009

SUPER QUICK GIVEAWAY! (Now until Sunday!)

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine became a fan of something called "Cuppajozy" on Facebook. I was intrigued, being that my blog has a similar name, and so I skipped on over to see what all the fuss was about.

Upon checking it out, I found a hand-made product that I simply HAD TO HAVE! A quick trip to the developer/artist's Etsy store, followed by a quick email exchange was all I needed to set up Cuppa Jo's very first, official GIVEAWAY.

Above is a picture of my "cuppajozy" - sent to me compliments of Tara, the creator. It is the perfect addition to my purse, as I usually do pop into a coffee shop to get a cuppa a few times a week. And now, rather than either 1)scalding my hand by not using a disposable sleeve, or 2) wasting even more paper products, cause that's what we all do unconsciously every day, I can use my very own cuppajozy. I chose the coffee bean design - duh - readers, I need not explain why. Along with my cuppajozy came a beautiful hand-made envelope, stitched on the side, to fit the product, in the event that I will want to give mine to someone as a gift.

Sorry, I'm keeping it.

Here's Tara to tell you all about them!

Tara, please share with my readers how the cuppajozy is made.
The jozies are made of two layers of premium cotton quilting fabric with a layer of insulbright batting in between. They are reversible and reusable. They fit most medium and large disposable cups.

What do you enjoy most about creating your jozies?
I love making them because I love fabric and it gives me an excuse to buy lots of different prints. I like to buy really nice quilting fabric so that it holds up for many washings and feels soft and cozy at your fingertips. They feel much nicer than those disposable paperboard sleeves.

Um, "jozy". Please enlighten us on the name of this product.
The name "jozy" was created by me - a hip, reusable cozy for your cuppa joe. I just wanted something catchy that was different from calling them a coffee cozy. The name "cuppajozy" was created by my husband when we were brainstorming one night and we both liked it. I originally had a different Etsy store, but the name was long and cumbersome and I wanted something simple and memorable. My husband and son are both named Joe so this is a nod to them as well.

I love my cuppajozy and I know you will too! They are a steal at only $5.00, but HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE CUPPAJOZY OF YOUR CHOICE FOR FREE!

1. Visiting Tara's Etsy site to browse her cuppajozy designs. Then, come back here to Cuppa Jo and leave a comment sharing which cuppajozy you would like for yourself!

2. Receive a second entry by becoming a subscriber to Cuppa Jo. Just click the "Follow" link on my home page.

Do the math. That's two chances to win!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do a random drawing on Sunday, December 21. If you are chosen, I'll connect you with Tara and the cuppajozy of your choice is yours!!!!!!!!!!!


Riki said...

Being a coffee hound myself, I loved several of these designs. Good way to be green!


fishlips said...

I could not pick just one....All the designs are fantastic!!!!

Julie said...

I liked them all, but especially enjoyed the peach and pink floral, the bugs with green ferns, and the blue and chartreuse dots!!! Too stinkin' cute!

Julie said...

I liked them all, but my FAVORITE was the bugs with the green ferns! Too stinkin' cute!!!

Angie said...

I had to go find the one I liked the most!

It was: bugs/green plaid cozy
That way Matt could use it too.


darnly said...

I love the magenta flowers cuppajozie!! Great idea!

darnly said...

I love the magenta flowers cuppajozie!! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Angels and cupcakes - spirituality and sugar to start each day! Love it! paula

Wendiq said...

I love birds so I must vote for the pretty red bird cuppajo. All are great!

. said...

I really like the cotton coffee cup jozy, reversible and reusable, peach and pink, floral cozy

And I became a follower too :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo I like the blue and green floral/stripes and leaves one!