Friday, December 18, 2009

Life Just Handed Me Lemons (Or, Rather, I'm Having a Craptabulos Day)

Really not a great day. I'm talking Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on drugs.

We all have stuff.

Recently one of my friends experienced the thrill of having an entire kitchen cabinet fall off the wall, damaging her oven, and shattering glass and every item in the cabinet all over the kitchen floor. Thankfully, neither she, her husband or her children were in the kitchen at the time.

Then there are my friends who are waiting expectantly for their first child to be born in a matter of days. Only a recent ultrasound showed some concerns that had never been detected up until this late stage in the pregnancy. Upon rechecking, and rechecking again, in was found that the ultrasound had been read incorrectly. Everything is fine and all systems are go.

Another pal recently had to fight and fight and fight some more with the state just to receive unemployment monies that were rightfully owed to her. The state wouldn't pay up. After a battle, her former employer stood up, did the right thing, and are cutting her a check.

My 6 month old Maytag front loader washer is kaput. All three tubs have actually fallen apart. The parts won't come in until after Christmas. Maytag is doing the right thing by sending me a check to pay for the use of a laundromat and they are also extending my warranty for another year, in case the problem happens again, (at which time they would replace the whole machine)but that isn't stopping me from going pissed crazy. I'm livid.

I mean, this machine is so amazing you could drive it.

Or eat a meal in it.

6 months? What about all those Maytag repairmen sitting around doing nothing in the commercials? Well, buddy, you better strap on the uniform and hightail it on over to my house. And be ready for words.

And then, there's my precious laptop. A gift from a friend. Only, I was lazy and didn't protect it. 18 viruses later, which included pop-up Viagra ads, among, well, others, and I'm on the verge of losing all my data that I didn't back up. Thankfully, many files were backed up to the external HD, but, not everything. Not consistently.

Nope. My fault. Completely my fault.

But, I have a husband who will lug clothes to the laundromat, and the offer to use the machines of friends. I have a Mary Kay Director who has saved all my weekly sales sheets, so that I can actually do my taxes, and I can access all my Mary Kay inventory orders via corporate. I can piece everything together.

It will be OK.

It's really just today that stinks.

I have amazing children, a husband who is coming home early because I just need him to or else Zane will sit in front of the TV all day all because I can't deal, a sister who totally gets me, friends who I cling to - and they let me, a house with room to entertain (just don't ask to wash clothes), a few clean clothes left, a radio show tonight, a clean attic revealing some stuff I can sell on Ebay to make money to either do laundry or put towards a new laptop, a lot of other stuff that is beautiful and good, plus a God who holds all of it without crumbling under the weight.

All of it.

All of it.


Margot said...

Thank you for being entirely honest.

It helps.

(It helps us, anyway. Hoping it's good for you, too.)

Cuppa Jo said...

It helps tremendously - both to pour it out and to know that it helps others for me to reveal such honesty.

I'm not about putting up a front.

Debbie said...

I've heard of Craptastic and Craptacular, but Craptabulous is a new one. Praying it gets better and you have a MUCH better day tomorrow.

FromTheInsideOut said...

Boo Maytag- although their customer service sounds good. What a bummer! Sure is fab that George is willing to do the lugging to the laundromat. My machines are yours for the using if you need to :)

Cuppa Jo said...

@Inside Out, thank you. Only . . . I am not sure who you are! I know you are a fellow Beaverite, and a new blogger. I'm ready for the reveal!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You know ... I would run away to Austral1a..