Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What'cha Doin'?

I know, I know, I have just been horrible about calling all of you back in Illinois. Just terrible.

No excuse other than the "adapting" one.

We spent so many weeks without a real schedule that I am now battling to get on one.

So, in the hopes that you will forgive me for not calling (oh, and we have decided against getting a home phone, opting to use just our cells - so that number hasn't changed), I decided to give you a glimpse into our day, now that we've started to get into some sort of groove.

George and I began a tradition back in Evanston, where I am greeted with his sweet face, and a steaming cuppa jo (the one you drink - not read) bedside every morning. I'm a late nighter, so usually, by the time I actually sit up, the coffee is lukewarm.

Yep. I've been running. Working on getting ready for my first 5K since 2005. I have not timed myself. I have not run with the Ipod, opting to pray while I run, and I have now successfully worked back up to 3 miles without a walking break. Although, in defense of walking breaks, I will use Jeff Galloway's program of running/walking when I train for the 10K I'll be running September. I found that this program actually improved my race time. 6 minutes of jog, 1 minute of walk, 6 minutes of jog, 1 minute of walk - all the way through. Note to self: will need to buy a watch. Anyone know of someone turning 40 on July 23rd who is in need of this gadget? Ah, shucks, you shouldn't have!

Off to drop Harper off at Summer Academy, a program put on by the school district. She is taking 4 classes. Two this week (martial arts and cooking) and two next week (science and some sort of crafty, scrapbookie, thing). This is an activity that we wouldn't have been able to touch 2 years ago due to her anxiety about not knowing anyone, or "performing", or fear of making a mistake. Now? She's got nunchucks and she knows how to use them.

Hang out with Little Z. Today, we made a trip to the new toy store on 3rd to pick up two special items for Harper and Zane as promised by moi IF they organized all the toys in the basement, made a purge pile, and cleaned up the mess. Not only did they do so, but they also cleaned their rooms without asking. The new toy store has been all the talk, so it made for a nice reward. They have a huge selection of Playmobile (who just came out with an Egyptian set), plus very high-end educational toys at really reasonable prices.

Harper chose a pair of night vision goggles for all her spy missions.
Zane chose a pair of goggles that make him look like a fire ant.

I have no idea why both my kids chose a variety of goggle.

Zane and I have also frequented the bakery (free butter cookie topped with sprinkles with every order) and enjoyed our treats in the gazebo while reading books for library book challenge during this "date" time. Our latest favorite book? 365 Penguins. Hilarious.

Today, we visited Capo's in New Brighton - my favorite second hand furniture store, which you already know about if you've been keeping up. Last time in , I scored a reading chair for Harper, but didn't find a vanity our bedroom. Today, I scored.

I know you'll be asking for photos, (patience), but our bedroom is somewhat contemporary and sleek, which doesn't bode well for the addition of a traditional vanity table. Plus, I like breezy, airy bedrooms, and didn't want a clunky, bulky piece - but I did want a vanity, specifically - not a desk. So today, while hunting the aisles and foraging down one which was pretty tight, I spotted a 1960's wood vanity, in a lighter tone (which will go nicely with my Ikea wardrobe), with an attached mirror. There were other items piled high on top of it, but I could still tell that it would need some TLC to repair some peeling veneer and the overall finish.

However, regardless of the condition, the piece with the mirror only set me back $40. Mommy can now Mary Kay it up without fighting for the bathroom mirror.

The owner came over and introduced himself, asked where I lived, and, as it turns out, we're neighbors. He lives on my running course and asked me to wave when I go by. He then showed me some vanity chairs. Vanity chairs? Couldn't I just use a regular chair> Nope. That's when I noticed the height. The piece is not very high. I was initially confused as to why the piece seemed so low only to learn that traditionally one wouldn't sit at it like a desk with knees tucked under the drawer (of which there are 5), but rather, back a bit. We looked at shorter chairs (all $10), but I couldn't make up my mind.

"How about I just have the guys bring a few chairs over when they deliver the vanity tomorrow, and you can test them all with the piece before you buy."

I felt like a Queen.

We rearranged the bedroom tonight in anticipation of our new piece.

Pick up Harper. Usually after camp, the kids run around outside all afternoon. In and out, over at the neighbors, around the block, etc.

Today, we were a bit wiped. Harper disappeared into her room to lay down, Zane played quietly, I paid bills and continued to finish paperwork to switch our accounts from IL to PA. I am tired of paper.

The kids have been up very late every night playing, and running, and jumping on our neighbor's trampoline, and walking in to town . . . so much so that this afternoon they hit a wall.

We'll hit the pool during this time depending on the weather.

Library. Our library programs are fantastic. Last week, Harper read books to Ishtar, a working dog. She chose some Shel Silverstein poems and Albert the Albatross. She will be reading to him again next week.

The kids earned book bucks for reading and got to choose prizes. We now have two blow-up air electric guitars. Harper also purchased a necklace for our neighbor as a thank you for loaning her $2.00 towards a new Playmobile toy yesterday - one with a black lab. The kids have been earning money through running a lemonade stand with our neighbors. We, in turn, got the kids these awesome banks from Crown Ministries to teach them the 10%, 50%, 40% split for their earnings. Giving. Saving. Spending.

Dinner. Together. Around the table.

The kids played Tag, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, and used the trampoline while we sat outside getting to know the family across the alley from us.

Baths, bedtime snack, and a little Food Network for all us. This family really loves Food Network. Tonight was Throwdown with Bobby Flay.


That gives you a taste. There is so much wonderful time to be had with the kids that I just can't stand being on the phone. Hope you are not offended. Don't worry, I am planning a post especially for all my IL peeps.

So, let me ask . . . what's been the best part of your summer thus far?


Angie said...

When you start in a new place you do have to leave the old one! The best update is to know that you are happy where you are.

Best part of summer: seeing my daughters have fun playing together again.

Anonymous said...

I love your writing style. You write the way we think or speak - you really capture it. You can write from the mind set of your child and help us see things from their point of view. The title of this is great. "What'cha Doin'?" I wouldn't have known how to spell it let alone think of writing it that way - yet that is what I was thinking.

love & miss you, Elizabeth L.