Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost is Found

Unlike my days back in Evanston, I have no idea what one day in Beaver will look like from one day to the next.

Other than the activities that I've set up for Harper and Zane, my day has no real rhythm to it right now. For a structured person like myself, this presents a challenge - for I KNOW it's ok not to have a routine one month in, and yet, I am also yearning to get into a groove - even if just a tiny taste of consistency.

However, this relaxed, "we'll see what comes about today" way of living has resulted in the revelation of some incredible gifts from God. For it has been through the inconsistent that I have seen the most blessing. It has been through the unknown that I have been surprised and awed.

As odd as it may sound, it took getting lost on the way to my first Mary Kay meeting, to spark the formation of a new friendship with our Youth Pastor's wife. Just take a transplant from Chicago, and a transplant from Texas, stick them in a car headed to Cranberry, and watch them meander through the turns and hills and back roads with the hard to read street signs. It's downright funny. We did arrive at the meeting, albeit 20 minutes late, and to our delight met some enthusiastic and warm-welcoming women. We've both found Beaver to be delightful, polite, friendly, and welcoming - but we were both craving a bit of "umph". One can always find "umph" to the nth degree at a Mary Kay meeting.

We ditched the back streets and took the turnpike home. A longer drive = more time to talk.

Sometimes, it takes getting lost to find something new.

The absence of a hardcore schedule everyday has enabled God to slow me down, thus giving me time to meet and actually share real conversations with the women He's chosen to plunk down right in my path. As I have nowhere to really be right now, I have had the opportunity to not only meet, but actually talk with new women in the school hallway, the school parking lot, poolside, and at gymnastics, (where although I took receipts with me to sort for my business, I opted for ditching the work in order to meet someone new).

It's almost as if I have no concept of time.

I've never experienced being able to:
  • Take a 20 minute drive just to give a thank-you note to the wife of my home inspector for all her help in scheduling mold tests, and radon tests, and walk-thru's - all via phone. Meeting her face to face was delightful.
  • Hang out and talk scrap booking with a new friend in town, who not only crops regularly, but forwarded me all the information about the events and connected me with a Creative Memories consultant that very day.
  • Chat in the school parking lot talking with a woman I recognized as having run in a 5K that went past my house Saturday morning, (which I didn't know about - boo). Our conversation helped me learn where to read up about upcoming races and where to find $5.00 yoga classes. Yep, I said $5.00. How could I walk away from this conversation other than inspired?
  • Meet and mingle with other running mom's at the pool, some long distance, some sprinters, all mom's who run regularly - one of which is starting a running club.
  • Just drop the work that I brought to complete during Zane's gymnastic class in order to sit and get to know a transplant from California, whose son will be at Zane's preschool, and who I learned lives right down the street. Who knew? Well, I wouldn't have had I buried my nose in my all important receipt collating and mileage recording efforts.
  • Enjoy breakfast guests from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The only agenda? Sharing a meal together (which turned into lunch and dinner on top of breakfast) and getting know each other.

I pray this for my children - that they too will be surprised by the gifts of relationships that God places on their paths. Especially for Zane, who is "lonely" - even though he plays with children all day. I pray that He would find a buddy with whom he can connect - just like back in Evanston. I trust God will do this, and I know he delights in giving us good gifts.

Sometimes, we just have to slow down in order to truly take a good look at the packages, unwrap them, and enjoy them before moving on to the next beautifully wrapped package. Many times we're just too impatient - so we flit from gift to gift. Currently, I've got nowhere else to be. My datebook is empty, and as I find myself without plans for tomorrow, I leave myself open to God placing more surprises in my path.

He certainly likes watching me bump into the the plans he has for me . . .

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ANITRA said...

Extremely inspiring for someone who has spent a year in a new place pouting and almost refusing to make new friends and try new things! Thanks, Joline.