Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cannoli? Again?

Just an update on our most freakishly weird non-dining experience of two weeks ago and my discussion with the owner about that experience.

We decided to take up the owner on his offer of free desserts, so last night after dinner, we walked to the joint to take in our "if it's free, it's for me" moment of indulgence.

Let me add that since our non-dining experience, we have ordered take-out from this place and really enjoyed the food.

Let me also add, that based on our dessert experience of last night, we'll be sticking with take-out.

So, we get there, right, and I tell the waitress that the owner had offered us dessert to "make amends" for the wacky night. Once again, the dining room seemed odd. Dark. Quiet. Just. Off. We meet the manager of the dining room (the one who had to leave suddenly on that wacko night) who apologizes for the inconvenience and asks if I'd like to meet the owner.

Of course!

I introduce myself and he remembers our conversation and then, the same person who last week told me that they have "the most amazing dessert menu" says, "All the desserts are in the oven. But I can give you cannoli tonight."

It was 7:00 pm. Peak dining out hours and no desserts, other than cannoli, were available.

Once again, the items on the menu were not available.

We weren't about to try for a third visit, so we accepted the cannoli, which was delicious. I have had plenty of cannoli where the shell is either too doughy, or too crumbly, falling apart when you take a bite. This cannoli was neither. The kids tried some and it didn't jive with them, so they had orange sherbet. The waitress also mentioned while we were ordering that she'd bring us some coffee to go with the cannoli.

It never arrived.

George and I looked at each other when the kids attempted to order root beer, which we did successfully order and received on carry-out night (so we know they stock it), only to hear those all too familiar words, "We're out of root beer."

We came to the conclusion that awkward night was not a fluke.

We do like the food, so we'll stick with carry out.

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