Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'll Take a Dozen

So remember our horrid non-dining experience from last Saturday night?


Well, then, you mustn't be reading and I am terribly offended.

Go back and catch up, will ya?

So, it's a small town, right? I decide to make nice with the owner and give him a call to chat.

He was fabulous. Explained about a power outage on the block that took out his cooler (and thus a few items on the menu) and his credit card machine. Plus, his main guy on the floor had to leave unexpectedly as his brother was in a car accident. He admitted it was a bad night for the place. "After you left I sent the waitress out to find you and tell you that since the credit card machine wasn't working you could just come back and pay on Monday."

Just come back and pay on another day?

That's several times now that I've been offered the "honor system" here in town when it comes to purchasing merchandise, and now food.

He was incredibly apologetic and offered desserts on the house next time we come in.

I'll take it. On a day I do a long run . . .


Tiffany said...

I can't comment on the follow-up post, but I wanted to suggest dining earlier possibly. 7pm is peak dining out hours in big cities like Chicago and Atlanta, in my experience, b/c the commutes mean people don't get home until 6:30 or so. In my small, small hometown, peak dinner hour is 5-5:30 pm. Restaurants are next to empty by 7pm. Also, I think it's more difficult for small places to keep stock--less frequent deliveries, harder to judge number of diners, etc.

Cuppa Jo said...

Tiff, good point. The local diner (which we love) definitely closes earlier. As does the locally owned coffee shop (which makes me sad - cause it's such an awesome place).

The other's however, (the "bigger" restaurants) are open later. Many people in Beaver commute to Pittsburgh, so they are home later.

We've not had this problem at the other restaurants in town - just this one.

Our first experience was actually on a Saturday night - peak night, our second was Tuesday night-which was also kids eat for $.99 night-so we've heard - they didn't tell us this.

We've come to the conclusion that they just have some hic-cups in the dining room mangagement department.