Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smoked: A Guest Post by Harper Atkins

I smoked my mother.

I challenged my mother to see who could reach 1000 first, and I won.

I was supposed to read 1000 minutes in March. I read 1045 minutes.

Mom was supposed to sell $1000.

And . . . she didn't. She wiped out. She only sold $557. That's pretty good, but, I think she can do better.

Seriously, she could do better.

What I get for reaching 1000 minutes is being taken out for ice cream and I get a reward. All I get for the reward at school is a star on blue paper.

My favorite book read during the challenge was "See Ya Later, Gladiator." It was really good. What was good about it is that they go into this book and they get trapped and stuff. It is really cool.

I felt really good about this.

Thanks for being a guest poster, Harper!


katie said...

Awesome! Well done Harper!! :)

Debbie said...

Hurray for you, Harper, both for the reading and the wonderful post you've written. You have made me smile today, which I needed. :)

MeMa said...

Great Job Harper!!!! You are a good reader. I love to read also. My best book is, "Oh The Places You Will Go" I love this book because I HAVE been in so many of these places, especially waiting and waiting in lines.