Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Word!

"Ex-pear-ee-mint is a big word, Mommy."

"Yes, it is, Zane."

"God helps me say big words", he adds.

"I can say, 'ex-pear-ee-mint', 'en-vi-ro-mint', and 'announce-mint'. They all end in 'mint'. I don't like mint gum. But, you know, do you real-a-lize that my bones can move?"

These are the sort of conversations I have been enjoying with Zane as of late. The boy is just growing. Like a weed. How very cliche of me.

And then, while watching some science show on PBS:

"Mommy, transformation is a big word. You know, actually, the flowers grow under the ground and then sprout."

George started Fellowship of the Ring with Harper and Zane last night. For all my writing and talking about how important it is to read chapter books with your children, I am shocked that they sit for this. Really, truly, I am.

This morning Zane gave me an earful about the story. Details like Bilbo and Frodo's ages. How Bilbo is rich because he took the gold from the Smog in The Hobbit. Harper, who we barred from commenting, as we were pretty hung up on seeing how much Zane retained, was offended.

"What am I? Invisible?"

She went off to finish her own books. Shortly thereafter she announced, "I finished my books about King Tut and George Washington." She is currently enjoying a historical fiction series called The Time Warp Kids. She has also set a goal of reading for 1000 minutes this month - way above the teacher's expectation of 330 for the month, which she's already reached. And it's only March 10. 1000 minutes of reading.

She then turned around and challenged me to sell $1000 this month. Um, ok.

I best get cookin'. I mean, how do you say no to that kind of challenge from your kid?

I'm speechless.

Yeah, right. When have I ever been known to be speechless?

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