Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Speak Up!

So today's edition of "Thrifty Thursday" may be a stretch.

My helpful tip for the day?


Do you realize how much stuff your friends and family have accumulated in their basements, garages, and sheds?

Do you realize it is Spring and that traditionally around this time of year many folks begin the annual ancient rite of "Spring Cleaning"?

Do you realize that these people actually HAUL their stuff to rummage sales and second hand stores, or place ads on Craig's List or Ebay in order to purge themselves of these unnecessary pieces of excess baggage?

For goodness sake! We can help them! We must save them from this tireless exercise of hauling bags and boxes.

I can hear you saying, "This task seems too large, Joline. How can I, one person, actually take on the ritual that is "Spring Cleaning"?"

How, you ask?


Is there a particular item you need? Say a bike with training wheels for your 4 year old son? And, perhaps a helmet thrown in for safety and good measure and all that?

Well, here's an idea.

If you are in need of something, how about asking those around you if they are planning on discarding the said item before going out to spend the money on something new, or gently used?

Worked for me. Thanks, Klamm's!

Oh, and for goodness sake, if someone DOES have the item that you need, and they are willing to just hand it over to you, go pick it up yourself. Friends don't let friends make deliveries of freebies.


Joseph said...

One word.

Cuppa Jo said...

Yeppers. Freecycle is great - so I hear. I, however, haven't been able to get a response to joining freecycle here, so I'm just going to wait until PA. Not sure what the issue is . . . perhaps if I expanded and joined the Chicago group I'd get a response, but haven't to the Evanston one.

Didn't know you started a new blog! Why didn't you tell me?????

Stace said...

Our son's wardrobe...except socks, underwear and one pair of dress shoes came from "Speaking Up!" God's people DO SHARE when they know of a need! We've seen it this past year! GO GOD! We have been humbled by the ways God has used His people!