Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeping Tabs

Just an update on the challenge Harper presented to herself, and her Mary Kay peddlin' mother for the month of March.

Thanks to a special event at our church where Brad Sherrill presented a one-man live performance of the entire Gospel of John, Harper raked in 140 minutes of reading time (reading time can either be Harper reading to herself or being read to). We figured if she was able to sit through Brad's performance, for which he MEMORIZED THE ENTIRE GOSPEL, we should give her points. She scored big that night.

So, drumroll please!

Totals to date:

Harper: 770 minutes

Mom: $470 sold
(Um, does it matter if I were to mentioned that I didn't work at all March 3-8? And I have a new team member? No? I should just take on the challenge and get to work? Ok.)

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