Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Time When I Just About Fell Off Harper's Loft

Harper's physical affection towards me was downright dangerous last night.

We have noticed an incredible hike in her confidence this year. George and I have been in tears several times over the past few months as we watch her blossom and flourish. As I reread my posts from last year, I celebrate her "rebirth", if you will.

She is hilarious: her comedic timing is right on. Polite: she is conscious of her manners around the house. Helpful: her ability to play with and include Zane is so comforting. Focused: watching her sit and read to herself sends a surge of "ahhh" through my spirit. Self-assured: "Mom, I like myself", is what I hear her say (and not in a haughty way) compared to last year when we heard self-deprecating talk to the tune of, "I am so stupid", and "I am a jerk". Words that broke our hearts. So, these current traits, as well as a few others, were MIA last year.

She's also physically affectionate. Our baby, who has never been one to cuddle and snuggle and hug and kiss (she is quite different from her brother) is all about sitting on our laps and giving spontaneous hugs and the rare kiss on the cheek. And last night? Last night?

Last night, right before bed, she gave me complete surprise in the form of a hug and smooch right on my lips. A gesture so unexpected that I just about fell off the ladder attached to her loft. Seriously, I was so taken off guard that I slipped and had to grab the top rail to steady myself.

"Mom, are you going to cry now?"

"Um, I think I just might."

She went in for another hug.

"Well, don't. Because I might cry, too."

And then I fell off the loft.

No, I'm kidding.

She, and Zane, I must add, are both experiencing transformational growth spurts right now. Right now, oddly enough, during one of the most stressful times in our lives. Here, George and I are consumed with selling a house and preparing to move, car issues, and then there's the issue of the oven breaking today, and it is the children who are creating a beautiful stability in our home. They are actually alleviating stress for us. I know, that sounds completely reversed.

Zane is ALL about being a big boy. He will remind us that while he is "young", he is actually a "big boy." I could listen to his voice all day. I can't keep my hands off his adorable little head.

And Harper?

Well, if she keeps it up I may just end up in a cast.

Photo by pomegranates

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Holly said...

Ohhhh! That is just beautiful! Watching our children's personalities grow and meander through the days is so magical. It never gets old! Thank you so much for posting that private piece of your life.