Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quotable Zane

"Mommy, you are so cute."

"No, Mommy, you are actually so sweet."

"Well, actually, Mommy, you are CHOCOLATE SWEET."

Now that is a compliment. Especially from Zane.

And lately, my son has been completely into beavers. Being a beaver. Talking about beavers. Sharing everything he knows about beavers.

And where did he suddenly pick up all this valuable information?

"I learned about beavers in school. With my mind."

School for Little Children is indeed an ivy league in early childhood education.

And the study of beavers.

And I'm sure more quotable moments are coming down the pike. George is currently reading The Hobbit to the kids, Zane just watched the first two Harry Potter movies, and is now, at this very moment, watching the second Star Wars film.

As much as I kind of hate to admit it, Zane likes "scary" stuff, and robots, (and beavers), so any concern I had about him listening to The Hobbit or watching these particular movies, I've replaced with actual conversation about what he is hearing and seeing.

So, yeah, for such a brilliant mind, one would think he could just use the toilet on his own.

Ha. Yeah. We can only hope.

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Urban Outland said...

I'm a beaver. An Oregon State University beaver!
I guess Zane is just a young Oregon State fan.